Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes (Non-Traditional)

by - 11/26/2019 12:00:00 AM

With Thanksgiving this week, it's never too late to incorporate some non-traditional items into your menu plan. Below, I'm sharing some of my favorite recipes, that would be perfect to incorporate into your Thanksgiving menu.

What's you're favorite Thanksgiving food?

Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes (Non-Traditional)

Main Dish 

Stuffed Shells with Meat 


Stovetop Honey Garlic Salmon 

Spicy-Sweet Glazed Shrimp 

Honey Garlic Salmon

Garlicky Shrimp Bake

Grilled Glazed Salmon

Salmon w/ Pineapple Salsa 

Easy Teriyaki Salmon 

More Recipes 


Bake Mushroom Rice 

Semi-Homemade Jambalaya


Blender Coconut Cake 

Raisin + Peanut Clusters 

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  1. All of those look so good. Our family asks for the same traditional favorites every year. I'm always trying to shake things up though so I'd love to have the Garlicky Shrimp Bake.

  2. These foods are making me hungry and a great addition to any feast. I love seafood and my son loves shrimp so I will try these recipes.

  3. All of these look incredible. I all about non traditional. I mean, I still need potatoes and such, but I'd also add one of these for fun!

  4. I like the idea of non-traditional dish ideas for Thanksgiving. That spicy-sweet glazed shrimp caught my eye!

  5. What some absolutely delicious looking dishes, I have to admit I really like the sound of the honey and garlic salmon I could definitely try that ASAP!

  6. I do love the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but I would love some of these as well. My kids are huge fans of salmon, so I'll be trying those recipes soon.

  7. Thanks for these. One of these day I will convince my family to let me cook something else for Thanksgiving

  8. I love these choices -- anything shrimp-related I am there!

  9. These are some interesting choices. I see a lot of great recipes though. I'm looking forward to trying some of them too.

  10. My daughter doesn't like traditional Thanksgiving food, so I love seeing alternatives. So much fun to do something surprising for her!

  11. We usually have one non-traditional dish for Thanksgiving. One year I tried to forego all the traditional recipes, but my niece objected.

  12. I would really love to try that dish! It looks so delicious and unique!

  13. I love all of these non traditional recipes, especially the pasta! Looks good! Although we are going totally traditional, lol. It's my fave meal of the year!

  14. I like the idea of non traditional dishes. The salmon would be great. We are a small family and a turkey is too much work for just 3 people

  15. I love a good tortellini dish! Great idea to serve these dishes on Thanksgiving.


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