Menu Plan Monday: Week of 3/6/17

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Menu Plan Monday 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It's back cold in my neck of the woods. The temps dropped to the teens and of course like many people I was wishing I was in a tropical destination... I've noticed that if I don't menu plan on like a Thursday or before the weekend. I end up planning on Monday. As always my menu plan is subject to change if I see a yummy recipe online of course. Last week was my first time actually freezer cooking a full meal. If you follow me on Snapchat I gave your guys glimpse of what I was up to. I've seasoned meat in the past. However, I've never made a meal and froze it and cooked it on anther day. My plan this week was to actually create a meal on Sunday and make it again this week. As of right now, that didn't happen. However, it could still possibly happen at some point this week. As of right now, I don't have any new recipes on the menu. I pretty much have our family favorites. I think that I'm going to start cooking crockpot meals on Fridays instead of the norm and leave that for Saturday nights. I'm trying to cut down on how often we eat out. Which I'm hoping a crockpot meal will give to the opportunity to not be in front of the stove on Friday nights. 

Anywho, Do you menu plan? What's on the menu?

Monday: Stovetop Honey Garlic Salmon with red mash potatoes and broccoli 

Tuesday: Meatloaf with rice and veggies 

Wednesday: Garlic Ranch Chicken with red mash potatoes and veggies (I use chicken wings, legs, and thighs and my family loved this recipe every time. This time I do plan on putting it in a crockpot.)

Thursday: Shrimp Alfredo with garlic bread

Friday: The Best Chicken Legs EVER (I tried this recipe in the crockpot with chicken thighs and my family loved it. ) 

Saturday: Burgers and Onion wings

Sunday: Baked Ziti with garlic bread

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