4 Must-Have Spring Break Gadgets

by - 3/29/2017 10:30:00 AM

Whether you're taking a Mommy or family Spring Break trip in or out of the country. Don't forget these must-haves.

DSLR Camera

Several years ago I purchased my I first DSLR camera. This camera has become my everyday and travel camera. Last year while on spring break. I took my camera with me to the Bahamas. My iPhone could not capture the beauty of a lot of the same pictures I took.
I took my Spring Break trip to Mexico this year. My baby was with me too and I was able to capture beautiful pictures. I love that I'm able to capture beautiful pictures and video without all of the hassle of a cell phone.

Extra Chargers

I'm really not sure what happens to the chargers in our home. However, I do know one thing. It really sucks to have someone forget or loose a charger while on Spring Break. Those moments when you really just want to just go and you have to run to try and hunt down a store or you spend precious time looking for it. You're on Spring Break. Bring two extras just in case.

Cell Phone

This may sound like a
. However, I forgot my phone one when I went to Jamaica. I pretty much use my phone for everything from music to reading books. Plus, when traveling in the country and out of the country Trip
is clutch. Sometimes I take gorgeous pictures with my phone sometimes they come out not so great.

Waterproof camera

Last year I missed out on so many beautiful photos due to not having a waterproof camera. (my cell phone is not waterproof) plus it was a headache going back and forth to my hotel room to leave my camera. I wish I would have invested in a camera sooner. I can just imagine all of beautiful pictures I would have been able to capture with my waterproof camera.

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  1. I forgot extra chargers when we went to Disney World during Spring Break. That was not smart. I'll be sure to bring some the next time. I did have my DSLR though and my cell phone.

  2. I'm pretty sure we have a little charger eating monster that lives in our house lol I stock up on chargers whenever I see them! Thank goodness we all use the same one :)

  3. I always forget to bring extra chargers and when I bring them, they aren't charged.. I also need a waterproof camera, but I actually have no idea for what I can use that camera. I never go swimming or something like that.

  4. This post sounds quite familiar especially when i am done with writing all the Buying considerations for electronic gadgets. Good to see the seasonal approach.

  5. I have all of these, means am ready for the summer. And never miss those fun moments and captured with my gadgets.

  6. The portable chargers are definitely crucial! My battery always dies so much faster because I use my camera on my phone like nobody's business!

  7. Nice gadgets and yes portable charges are crucial

  8. Portable chargers too!! Phone batteries drain so quickly now a days!

  9. This is a great list but i guess A camera is a must.

  10. I definitely could use that camera with some of my work. I would prefer to have a wholly dedicated camera as I want to do work with that and not have to have my phone out or waste the battery.

  11. Lol I don't think I go out without my phone and chargers handy, its just too big a risk to take, my camera is everything!

  12. DSLR Camera is a real savior! It not only takes a great picture but also, it saves the battery of mobile phone!

  13. I definitely need a camera. I am with you 100%, phones don't capture some scenery like a camera would. Thanks for the tips.


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