4 Reasons Why I Love Traveling Solo

by - 3/23/2017 11:00:00 AM

For the longest time, I avoided traveling solo. I didn’t realize that it even exist besides people traveling for business.  But what about women traveling solo. A female planning and booking a trip solely to go on this trip by herself. It wasn’t that friends canceled it was because she wanted to or opted to travel alone. I am so new to the traveling solo club. However, I did want to share with you what I absolutely love about traveling solo. 

Disclaimer: This post is coming from someone that considers herself antisocial. So my thought and options may vary from someone that's a social butterfly.

Location, Location

Have you ever wanted to visit a different country or state and everybody else were against the idea so you didn’t end up going? Have you ever wanted to stay a restart or hotel, but everyone else had something to say about it? Well, guess what. When you travel solo you don’t have to worry about that. In fact, you can change you hotels during your trip if you want. 

Own Your Time

Traveling solo you own your time. You don’t have to get up and have something to eat if you’re not ready to eat. You don’t have to eat at a restaurant because you don’t want to feel selfish about having things your way. Why, because if you’re traveling solo. You are not asking around. You're just doing. When I went to San Juan. I honestly was having so much fun that I forgot to eat most of my meals at the typical scheduled times. If I was with someone else that would not have happened. I would have had to make sure that we had a restaurant selected for breakfast lunch and dinner. You own your itinerary. You’re able to do what you want when you want. 

I Can't Make It 

Have you ever planned a trip with your friends or other families and slowly but surely people started to cancel. The original trip started with 15 people and by the time it’s time for the actual trip you have maybe five people still going. The hype is so real. “Oh, I can’t wait” “we’re going to do X”. When you book a trip by yourself you don’t worry if people are going to cancel.


One of the biggest parts of a trip is planning the itinerary or lack thereof. When you plan a trip it’s all about the itinerary.  You may want to hit the ground running as soon as you land and the people you’re traveling with may have other plans and possibly want to just relax. Guess what? Traveling solo you can do pretty much what you want and you want with your itinerary. 

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  1. I wouldn't mind traveling on my own either. Sometimes it's easier not to have to worry about other people's emotions and requests! I recently went to Disney World with my kids, no husband, and it was almost easier that way.

  2. I love the idea of traveling solo. I've actually never done it except for work -- but all the things you point out seem really appealing. I'd love to have a trip where I do whatever I want, when I want to!

  3. I love traveling solo too. It really is an awesome time to reflect, move on your own schedule, and really do whatever your heart wants without compromising with others.

  4. The idea of travelling solo is also good, but i rarely do it. I usually travel with my Dada especially overseas. Because he serves as my guide :)

  5. I teach English in Europe and have traveled solo on weekends. Sometimes I see amazing airfare deals and none of my friends can come. So I go anyway. I also always stay in hostels when I solo travel. This has been great for meeting new people and making friends. The hostel I recently stayed in in Lisbon had pub crawls and tours in the city. It was impossible not to meet new people.

  6. I've always wanted to travel solo, but have never booked a trip. I'm hoping I can do a local trip - even if it's just overnight. I crave solo time!

  7. You make traveling by yourself not sound so bad. You do have valid points. I will definitely need to build up the nerve to go to a different country alone!

  8. I've enjoyed reading your perspective about traveling alone. I must say I too enjoy traveling alone for the same reasons you mentioned. When I don't travel alone I travel with my brother because he is just as free spirited as I am. We both just go with the flow while traveling.

  9. bravo for sharing your thoughts of traveling solo and totally agree, it's great! I've been through so many chapters of travel - traveling abroad alone as a student, years of single girls getaways, party weekends, and now a lot less travel, but great times mostly traveling with the hubby- different, but still wonderful! xx Bee

  10. As for myself, I make it a point to travel solo as well. It is for me to have a self-reflection and also it makes me spend time having new friends and connecting with locals.

  11. I needed to read this. I've started traveling by myself within the country and it was scary at first but the more I did it the more confident I felt. Now I can travel anywhere within the country alone like a boss! But I'm soooo scared to travel alone internationally. You are brave and have definitely inspired me to book my next international flight alone! Thanks for this post!

  12. I love traveling with my husband so never done a solo trip! nice to read a different perspective here.

    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

  13. I'm with you on this, having the autonomy to make your own choices makes a big difference!

  14. I've traveled solo so many times , mostly when on business trips. ultimately i started enjoying travelling all alone :)


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