How To Save for Expensive School Trips

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How to Save for Expensive School Trips

It's that time of year when school trips are in full swing. Rather, if you're going on your first college trip or you're a parent preparing for your child's first overnight trip. I wanted to share with you a few tips that I used to save for my son's expensive overnight trips.


Typically parents will know beforehand when the tentative trip date. Don't be afraid to ask the school when the tentative date is and what was the cost for the trip the prior year. If your children have an end of the school year trip planned. Most schools will start sending out the information in the fall. Most schools will also offer fundraising to offset the cost for families. This is a great way to subsidize the amount for families.

Sell Your Craft

I know people or would coordinate bake sales at their job or even sell snacks to raise money. If you child creates stuff. This is the perfect opportunity to offer the items for sale and to let your friends and family know that the proceeds are going to their trip found.

Gift Account

For the child that has everything. This is perfect! You can have friends and family contribute to an account if they don't know what to get your child for Birthdays or holidays or even a "just because" gift.


You don't have to know how much the trip is going to cost to start saving for it. Create an account for each child as a school trip fund. This is a great idea to already have the money saved. If you start the found while your child is in elementary school saving $5 a week really starts to add up. When it's time to pay for trips. The money is sitting in the bank receiving interests. It's never too late to create a savings account. A lot of people think it's too late once the child is in middle school or high school. You can always use the money to offset the cost or for your child to use as spending money.

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  1. I'mma need to send this article to my best friend. She's got a 7 year-old who is costing her a fortune in school trips (and fees) aha. Thanks for the helpful read! :) xx

  2. Great ideas. So far my kids haven't had any crazy expensive school trips. I'm not sure if their school ever does any.

  3. Mine didn't made any school trip. I have been saving for now college. I don't want any surprises.

  4. These are great ideas. I have no school trips coming up for my daughter soon that I need to pay for. Thank you for these ideas.

  5. These are great tips. Yes, school trips can be expensive and you don't want to tell your child he/she can't go. Saving is always good in my book.

  6. Great tips for savings! I cant believe how expensive school trips have gotten nowadaways

  7. A gift account is such a great idea! I never realized how much school trips really cost.

  8. Great tips! I really liked the idea of informing relatives and friends to contribute for kid's trip rather than giving gifts!

  9. I recall during grade school, I asked my Mom to teach me how to make candies and I sell it to our school. Eventually it became my source of funding for my school trips. :)

  10. These are great trips...especially the one about saving $5/week starting in elementary school. I wish my mom had done this. It would have been great when it came time to visit colleges.


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