2017 Vegetable Garden Plans

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Hello Friends!

I can't believe it's that time again. This year I have been a little apprehensive about starting a garden. Becuase I really would like to move in another home. (sigh: I said it) We own our home and I'm terrified about starting the process of selling it or even the idea of renting it out. I'm terrified of the whole home buying process all over again. I know this post is about my vegetable garden. However, I wanted to keep you in the loop and be as transparent as possible with you guys in the event, you see my babies in containers as well.

Anywho, I have created a list of items that I would like to add to my garden this year. We use a lot of parsley and tomatoes in our home. I would like to continue to plant them. I would also like to try and plant veggies that I haven't tried harvesting in the past. One of the veggies I will be trying is the sugar snap peas. OMG, I tried these last year and was kicking myself for not knowing about them. They are so yummy! I ate them raw with no salad dressing or anything thing. I think I might have a chair near my garden and just snack on them.

This year, I will also be keeping a garden binder/journal. I want to be able to look back and review what worked and also what didn't work in my garden.

(past garden posts here)
Do you have a vegetable garden?

  • Cherry tomatoes (starts seeds in March) 
  • Big boy tomatoes (starts seeds in March) 
  • Peppers (starts seeds in March) 
  • Scout bonnet (starts seeds in March) 
  • Cucumbers (starts seeds in May) 
  • Broccoli (new) (starts seeds in March) 
  • Beans (new) (starts seeds in May)
  • Cabbage (starts seeds in May)
  • Strawberries 
  • Thyme 
  • Mint
  • Parsley

My garden last year 

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  1. I do not have a garden. I have a black thumb. I've tried. It doesn't work out well. But my mother grows stuff! She has a delicious tomato plant and she shares tomatoes with me.

  2. I do have a kitchen garden at my place, but that is maintained by my dad. My son loved to see the vegetables growing and does help him in the process.

  3. I love the idea of starting a gardening journal - I need to do that just for my planters on my deck - I can't remember year to year what flowers I bought (I guess I am getting old!) We tried a vegetable garden twice but with jobs and kids didn't have enough time to dedicate to it and pests got the best of both. I do have an herb garden that I maintain every year and love having fresh herbs for cooking - the thyme, oregano and chives come back year after year and we plant rosemary, basil and parsley each year.

  4. We won't have enough money to work on our garden until next year, but I'm so excited to start planting with my daughter next year.

  5. One of my DREAMS is to be able to garden and grow my own veggies/fruits. I've never really had a green thumb but I'm willing to try again and again until I can get it right.

  6. I wish I had a garden, but alas I live in a city. I do have a balcony. Perhaps I could grow a few things out on it.

  7. We grow tomatoes, chives, basil, strawberries, peppers, and peas. We have never tried cabbage, might add that to the list this year. I really want to expand but that has been a plan for years. gardening is great, good luck this year!

  8. I never tried to plant on my own but I am considering of doing it so I can have some green living things in my home. I learn from some blogs that tomatoes and mint are easy to grow so I will first try that.

  9. I wish I could have a garden, but with Louisiana HEAT, I just can't. I tried, but the garden I had just didn't make it. Maybe I will try again next year when my granddaughter can help with it. :)

  10. I am planning to grow a Vegetable garden soon and My father told me to start with Tomatoes ,as tehy are really easy to grow

  11. I loved your garden story .I am going to plant my cucumber and tomatoes ASAP

  12. I do not have a garden as my thumb is the ugliest shade of brown when it comes to growing things BUT my daughters have been begging for one so we may need to try again - perhaps they will have more luck than I have on my own.

  13. Your speaking my language. I'm a garden girl. I love to garden every year.

  14. I have a herb garden on my balcony as I do not have a garden and I love it. Great to pick the herbs as I am cooking and also I love to dry them also.


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