Avenue of Dreams: Weekend Recap

by - 3/21/2017 11:00:00 AM

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I mentioned in my Mommy Style Monday post that I would share a glimpse of what I did this past weekend.

For the last couple of years my nonprofit Brighter Within, Inc. has held a prom dress drive to benefit foster and adoptive youth in my state. Around this time the organization that we collect the dresses for have a huge event where the young ladies are able to get their hair and makeup done, Select a dress, shoes, and accessories for their big prom day.

This year the event was amazing. It was so refreshing to see the smiles on the young ladies faces when they found their dream dress. They even had a seamstress on hand. How cool is that?
During the event, I facilitate a dream board workshop. Which is the same thing as a vision board workshop. However, with my girl's program, I decided that I would use the term "dream board" instead of "vision board" and the young ladies love it.

The event is held at a beautiful location. Due to the privacy of the young ladies. We’re not allowed to take any pictures of the young ladies. I love that this year they also had professional photographers to take pictures of the girls. Which the girls appeared to have loved.

Any who, How was your weekend?

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