Garlic Ranch Chicken Wings

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Happy Tuesday! Sharing another family favorite. My family stated that these wings were amazing! I decided to pair these wings with yellow rice and veggies.


  • 5 lbs chicken wings (cleaned) 
  • 2 tablespoons dry ranch dressing
  • 2 tsp garlic powder 
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 2 tablespoons oil


If the wings are still wet blot them with a paper towel. Use a ziplock bag or a large bowl to put all ingredients in, then mix together to coat.
Use your Silpat nonstick mat  or parchment paper (if you do not use a nonstick mat or parchment paper your wings will stick to the pan) line your rimmed baking sheet . Place the wings on the baking sheet (with room between each wing). 

Bake for 45 minutes in a preheated to, 400F oven or until skin is crispy and the tops are golden.  Prior to taking out the oven. Flip each wing upside down and bake on the other side for another 10 minutes to crisp up the bottom. 

If you try this recipe, let me know. Leave a comment, pin it (so you have it saved), and don’t forget to tag a picture use the hashtag >> #simplytasheena on Instagram. I would love to see how it turned out. 

What's your favorite wing recipe? 

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  1. My husband is the wing king. He's always trying new flavor combinations and inviting people over to taste his new creation. I'll have to show him your recipe. He will be all over it and will probably make it this weekend. Looks yummy!

  2. Oh! My youngest son would absolutely love this recipe. I am bookmarking it to show him, and we will probably make them in the next few weeks!!

  3. Oh now this is a delicious sounding recipe, I love the idea of chicken with a garlic ranch, definitely need to try it myself.

  4. I am totally craving this now. I pulled out chicken for dinner tonight and I think this is definitely what I want to do with it!

  5. Ooo I love the look of these! Could you do the same sort of marinade for chicken breasts? I actually have all the ingredients at home except for the wings!

  6. My husband definitely enjoys chicken wings! This recipe sounds like such a fun, delicious twist on a classic. I can't wait to try this.

  7. I will try this tonight. I was just thinking of how to cook the chicken wings I have in the freezer. Perfect timing. Thanks for the recipe. My family will surely add this to their list of "favorites and must have it again"

  8. These look so good! I love ranch on my wings, so this is an interesting twist.

  9. I love anything with garlic and ranch and thee wings sound amazing!! I need to try these for sure!!

  10. These sounds really tasty. My oldest loves wings of all flavor's. I should make these for him, I just know he would love them.

  11. Chicken is a family favorite so I am always happy to find new recipes to change it up. I will whip it up and let you know how we like it.

  12. I love buffalo wings. (not breaded) These looks really amazing and I love ranch, so I need to make this happen soon!

  13. I love garlic and ranch so this recipe is up my alley! We make chicken wings all the time during football season so it's nice to have a different recipe to try.

  14. We are always making chicken wings for when we watch the game!!! These sound amazing, for tailgating and a flavor for my son to eat as well.

  15. We love wings and usually make BBQ or buffalo wings. But these look amazing and I will be making them next instead of the usual.

  16. We are a chicken wing loving family. I love new ideas on how to change up the taste.

  17. Well these wings would certainly win my sons and husband over! I love the flavors, they sound delicious!


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