My 10 Best Travel Tips

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Hello, Friends!
There's nothing like traveling to a different state or even country. I love soaking in all of the history plus the amazing views. Today, I will be sharing some of my best travel tips.

1. Bring snacks. Always, even if you feel that you may not need them. I typically will pack honey granola bars. Especially when traveling with children. It just makes life so much easier. During our last trip to the Bahamas, I packed all types of snacks. It was our first time traveling alone so to speak and I wasn't sure when we would be able to get to food. This was also great when we woke up in the morning. We didn't have to rush to breakfast. 

2. I always, always encourage people to carry travel size hand sanitizers with them. Yes, soap and water is the best. However, can you imagine how many germs are around? Yup, keep the travel size container in your bag and leave it there until you need it. 

3. Making sure your electronics are fully charged. I always keep my chargers in my purse. Whether I'm on the plane or a car. My charger in arms reach. It's a great idea to invest in a portable charger just in case. 

4. When traveling I always make a couple of color copies of my passport. I leave a copy at home with my emergency contact and I keep a copy with me at all times. Also, scan a copy to yourself by email and text so you always have a copy with you on hand. (plenty of apps allow you to scan items for free with your smartphone) 

5. Keep an empty water bottle with you. Once you pass through security for your flight. You can fill your bottle (s) with water. This is especially a great idea when you have children with you. I typically do not drink too much juice these days. However, it's nice to have the flavor packs on hand for the kiddos.  

6. I typically organize everything in clear zip lock bags. I like to keep my hygiene products in one, accessories, makeup, undergarments etc. I also like to put my outfits together in the Ziploc bags as well. This is such a great idea too for the kiddos. Having all of the outfits organized by the days of the week. I love that you can add the dates or color code it so the kids know which outfit they are wearing each day. It just makes life so much easier. 

7. It's a great idea to recycle store bags and I typically will keep a few Target bags in my suitcases for soiled items and swimwear.  

8. Keep a blanket scarf with you. Sometimes a plane ride can be pretty chilly. Typically, when I travel it's freezing outside so instead of having to take off a bunch of layers. I travel with a blanket scarf that can fit in your purse you can have it on hand when needed. Plus the blanket scarf doubles as a blanket. (this is the one I have)

9. Be kind. Always. Remember you're not the only person looking forward to their travel destination. Everyone has a job, and they are just doing their job... Kindness goes a long way. Also, travel with reading material. I usually have a few books with me. (one of my favorite books

10. Try to avoid using the airport wifi for any serious business. We all know that wifi is a hackers glory spot. If you're just surfing the web to past time until it's time to get on your flight. That's one thing, however, do not put any personal information out there. 

Extra Tips 

  • Create a list of “To-Do” prior to leaving 
  • Keep a mini first aid kit with your essentials 
  • Pre-plan your travel attire
  • Save your hotel room number to your phone (and tower if applicable) 
  • Always share your travel plans with friends and family (where you're going, hotel, flight info etc.)
What's your favorite Travel Tip? 

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  1. Thanks for all the tips. I also cannot leave the house without hand sanitizer. I learnt that rather quickly.

  2. These are all great tips - especially about the airport wifi! Thanks for giving us the heads up :D
    lily kate x

  3. I never thought about carrying an empty water bottle at the airport. This is a great tip! For me, I have to have a portable charger. It's a lifesaver.

  4. Awesome tips! I'll have to remember that water bottle one. I hate spending so much on water. I also always pack snacks.

  5. YES. These are great. "Bring snacks" is definitely on my list of things I need to remember. My mom and I are very similar. If we are hungry and we are still walking around a museum or a town, we sit down and refuse to budge until my dad or sister feed us. Hahahah. We are little brats, but hangry takes the best of us.

  6. The Post seems to be good i really gather lot of information from the post thanks for sharing this awesome bus

  7. I would love to read your suggestions for anyone traveling via car. I am terrified of planes. I dont know why, but I haven't stepped foot on a plane for 20 years! I love the adventure of driving and stopping along the way. I agree fully charged electronics and sanitizer is a must for any type of travel.

  8. I didn't know about the empty water bottle but that is a brilliant and most helpful.

  9. Being kind is the best tip, we think. It's not as practical as the others, but it does the most to ensure happy travels.

  10. Oh wow I didn't know about the airport wifi being hacker love island lol. But I agree with the tips as I travel abroad every month I use all of these tips

  11. Thanks for your tips! Let me add that we should bring extra plastic bag to store our trash, just in case we didnt see any trash can on the road.

  12. These are all really good tips that I'll definitely be using for 2017. So far I have 4 trips planned! And I use the Ziploc bag idea quite often. :)

  13. These are all great tips, but I think #4 and #10 are the only ones I had never heard before...and are important/great ideas! I've got like 4 trips tentatively planned for 2017 so I will def. be using this list!

  14. Not using airport wifi ever again.Love the tips.Snacks and books I always carry too

  15. This is an excellent post. Don't forget to include a change of clothes in your carry on.

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