First Day of 8th Grade #Backtoschool

by - 9/01/2016 12:00:00 AM

Hey Friends, I thought I would share my sons first day of school pictures. This is his last year in middle school, and as you could imagine. He's overtaking his first day of school pictures.
, we've made it through taking the pictures. Plus, I thought the “I really don't feel like taking this picture look” adds character.
I'm happy to report that he had a wonderful first day of school. He's eager to learn plus he said he's teachers are pretty cool.
Now that school is in session. All of our school routines are in full effect. You know, no video games during the school week. etc.

Attire breakdown Hat: Polo | Top: Gap Kids | Jeans: Gap Kids | Sneakers: Adidas low tops | Backpack: L.L. Bean

Do you have any back to school rules or routines? 

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