Vegetable Garden Update

by - 8/31/2016 12:00:00 AM

Hello, Friends! So I can't believe this month is almost over. It's so bittersweet... in a couple of months, I won't have the joy of playing in my garden. (Insert Thug tears as Trina would say) I thought it would be cool to share how things have been going in my garden. Our peppers were a complete miss this year. I missed them to the raised bed they were not trying to hear it. Thus, maybe one pepper from three plants. I really love the smell of fresh peppers. Not sure what I did wrong but I will do my research. I honestly will probably just put two plants in a container next year just to be on the safe side. My cucumber plant is thriving. Pretty much every time a cucumber is ready it gets snacked on. My tomatoes plants are thriving as well. This is the largest that I've ever grown. I am so happy. Which makes it so bittersweet for the fall. My plants went a couple of weeks without miracle grow. For some reason, it was not put back in its appropriate spot. Not sure if that has any effect on my garden. I planted some fall crops
I can't remember what I plant (insert side eye) I do have some other veggies that I plan on planting so I will keep you guys updated.

Are you planting (or have planted) any fall crops?

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