Mommy Time at Target

by - 8/10/2016 10:11:00 AM

 So yesterday I went to Target and I thought it would be cool to share a couple of things that caught my eye. I've been a Target shopper for over ten years now. (I think) not sure why Target has always caught my attention. It truly has been love at first sight, though. I love that their home decor is always changing. They always, always, always have something new to check out...
Now that I'm getting older Target has turned into my Mommy hangout, LOL. You see. We only have one Starbucks in my town which is inside of Starbucks. It's nice to treat myself to a beverage and walk around target to see what's new.
But first shoes

 I typically check out the accessories first, then the shoes (I girl can never have too many shoes) My next stop after that is pretty much up in the air. I love going to Target during the day. Which usually gives me the perfect chance to walk around and enjoy the scenery.

My love for throw pillows

Storage love

Oh, yeah... Now I remember why I came here!

Anywho, Do you have any Target Routines? Are you a Target shopper? 

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