Summer Bucket List: Providence Mall Recap

by - 8/16/2016 12:00:00 AM

Last week we checked off another item from our Summer Bucket List. Seeing how the weather channel showed that it pretty much was going to rain all week. I thought it would be a great idea to head to Rhode Island for the day. I remember going to the Providence Mall a couple of years ago visiting the Dave & Buster’s. Since then, a Dave & Buster’s was built less than 20 minutes from our home. I still thought it would be nice to check it out. Because I really didn’t get a chance to look around the first time. My plans were to just visit Dave & Buster’s. However, we ended up back to school shopping first and concluding our trip with a visit to Dave & Buster’s. I was so shocked at how large the was  and the variety of stores they had. 

Any who, I wanted to share with you guys a few pictures I was able to capture.

Our View

 Our Exit!

Dave & Buster's 

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