What To Bring To A Football Game

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Whether you are new to the youth football scene or supporting a friend or family member for their next game. Sharing some must have items to bring with you to the night game.

Depending on your seating you can possibly be sitting directly in the sun. Carry sunscreen with you. My favorite brand is here.

Bug spray
I always try to have bug spray with me at all times. It's no fun being feast on by all times of bugs when you're trying to watch a football game. This is the brand I use here and it works wonders.

Digital Camera
Some digital cameras require batteries and others require to be charged. I typically charge my camera a couple of days prior to try and avoid leaving it on the charger at home. You could also purchase a backup battery or rechargeable batteries just in case your forget your battery or it dies.

Try to bring a waterproof jacket with a hood in the event that it rains or purchase a rain poncho to have on hand.

Bottled Water
Bring a bottled water or a water bottle for each member of the family. You can purchase a smaller cooler to keep your beverages nice and cool.

I love having almonds on hand or a healthy snack. Of course you can bring your favorite bag of chips or snack. I try to bring food that keeps well in the sun.

Because most likely you will be doing a lot of talking before , during and after the game.

Stadium seats
Because regular stadium seats are uncomfortable. You can purchase your own here.

I live in New England and most Youth sports games are early in the morning and it's usually freezing outside. You don't have to carry this with you at all times. It's nice to have on hand.

Towel (or paper towel)
The towel is used to wipe the dewy off of the seats in the morning time.

What's your must have items for sporting events?

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  1. I wish I could go back in time and share this with my mum growing up. I remember that no matter how many times I played a Winter sport, she ALWAYS forgot a damn blanket haha.

    Christie's Take on Life. x

  2. May add sanitizers? Sometimes public seats are quite nasty. Better be protected than be sorry.

  3. In this Texas heat, I must have shades... anytime I leave the house, I grab them. I also try to keep an extra deodorant in my purse. 😅 Great list!

  4. bottled water yes! It depends where but a shade would make sense in the heat. In Europe I don't remember any games happening outside except winter sports such as ice hockey and skiing. I wished I had a warm bottle or more mulled wine while watching the skiing races back then. ^.^

  5. What great ideas. My kids don't play sports currently, so I don't have to worry about this at the moment. Maybe in a few years, but if not, I'm fine with it, because it's a tad boring. My daughter did baseball for a bit!

  6. Thank you for this post. My newphew is starting to get to the age...

  7. Snacks are always necessary for me! Although, I just have them in my purse no matter where I'm going!

  8. I tell you what I want one of those tent things. Stay in the warmth vs freezing my hiney off.

  9. Snacks and refreshments is really a must! Of course having your sunscreens and wearing caps too!

  10. These all sound like great items to bring. Also, now a days a charged cellphone to share video and pictures with family. My family loves seeing what my kiddo is doing.

  11. Don't forget cash! From my experience no matter how many snacks I bring my kids are still going to beg for a pickle or nachos from the snack stand, lol.

  12. Great tips for if I find myself at a football game!

  13. All great ideas for football games and being out in the sun all day long. My daughter doesn't do that but it's still a good reminder for other outdoor events with your child.

  14. These are great ideas for going to a football game or being outside all day. We don't have little ones to watch at outdoor events. I will have to keep this stuff in mind.

  15. I remember when Jose was on a soccer team. The packing, the chairs and momma cheering like nut's on a corner!!

  16. I have to have my shades and my cell phone. It is what I take my pictures with and keep up with everyone else. We lived in Upstate NY and we always took our heat blanket.Those metal bleachers are cold!

  17. aww this is so lovely! At the moment our guy is a gymnast so it's mostly indoors but I will keep this in mind for football!


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