It's Friday!!!

by - 11/30/2012 06:30:00 AM

Happy Friday Everyone!!

How was your Thanksgiving? I have decided to have Christmas Dinner at our house. I am waiting for my invitations to come in the mail any day now :). I will share them with you guys once they arrive. Our Christmas tree went up a day after Thanksgiving, our color scheme consist of silver and white, with black accents. It is actually coming along great, I purchased a bunch of decor last year on sale at Walmart, so I was super excited to actually use them this year. Other than that, this weekend is going to be pretty low key... I would love to dust off our Wii system (for some reason we have not been using it a lot lately) and play a couple of games with my son... I also have been really bad with creating a menu plan. However, I have been able to create a decent meal everyday this week... Now since I have a sewing table, I really need to get back in the swing of sewing stuff, and of course it is football and basketball season, so I will be tuned in between the games this weekend. Anywho, how about you...

Do you have any weekend plans?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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