The Buffet Table That Got Away

by - 11/10/2012 05:55:00 PM

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister at a thrift store called Savers. By the title you can pretty much have figured out that this beauty did not come home with me. I was trying to think of all of my options to get this baby home and I really had none, I know very little people with a pickup, and the hassle of asking them and then arranging to get the truck is just too much. The bad part about it was the price was only $5.00 yup, you read right…. Well, enough about me.

 Any thrift store or Craigslist finds you weren’t able to get due to transportation issues?

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  1. Wow! That is an amazing find. Sorry you couldn't take it home. A lot of times I'll see something I love but really have no space for in my house so I have to pass it up.

  2. That was a great price, maybe next time the planets will align in your favor. ;)

  3. Man. I would've rented one of those small uHauls for 19.99 to get that baby home. Sanded and painted that is going to be nice in someone's home. Geesh now you have me wanting to go look at furniture and see what I can find.


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