Just A Few Holiday Shopping Tips...

by - 11/28/2012 05:10:00 PM

We are pretty much now in full holiday shopping swing. I wanted to share with you guys a couple of holiday shopping tips to make your shopping experience less stressful.

Create a shopping list: Create a shopping list with the items you have in mind that you would like to purchase for each person (include their name next to the item). Send the list to yourself via email, as well as having the list saved on your phone. I would also suggest printing out the list and having it handy in your purse, wallet or car.
Start ASAP: I know there are some people that are already done shopping, and one of their secrets is probably starting as soon as possible. I would suggest creating a bin that will house holiday/birthday gifts; this bin is going to come in handy trust me. Keep it stocked with books, toys, coloring sets, perfume sets, and little odds and ends. This bin is going to save you time and money. I’m sure you had those times when you were at the store and you said "that would make a great gift” Well now you have a bin for these items. Put the items aside in your bin, it may come in handy for a secret Santa gift or a last minute gift idea.  
Shipping?:  Before going to a million stores to find one or multiple items, check to see if the item is available online. You may possibly score free shipping as well. You could possibly find the item online cheaper than in the store. Think about how much gas you would save!!
Do it yourself: Now it is time to put all of those items you pinned on pinterest items to work. You know what I meanJ. Christmas is the best time to make a more personalized gifts for family and friends.
Support small business: there are so many great small businesses out there, which are offering adorable one of a kind gift at an affordable prices. Do a little research and be creative. Do not forget to ask your social media buddies of stores they would recommend.

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  1. I am happy to say that I am finished with most of my Christmas shopping and now I just have to worry about the wrapping.


  2. Creating a shopping list is a great financial tip. Note down the items you would like to purchase during the holidays in a piece of paper. Carry this paper with you while going to a market. Buy the items that are there in your list.

    You can shop online to buy great products at a cheap price. Browse through different online shopping websites. Find out if you like a product. Usually, these websites offer discounts on the products. Your job will be to see how much discount they are offering. Calculate the shipping charges too. These charges can add up to the cost of a product. Try to buy products from the websites that offer free shipping charges.

  3. Christmas shopping will surely be a success with these tips. No doubt about that. :)


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