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by - 11/24/2012 06:00:00 AM

Hello Everyone!
I am super excited right now.  I finally found a sewing table!!!!  I went thrifting this morning on a whim, and boy did I get some great stuff. I was going to do a vlog with a clothing haul; however, I have already started the process of getting the items cleaned (may still do it). I found so many vintage pieces which really put a smile on my face, and even a vase and picnic basket…okay, now back to me going to the thrift store; while I was leaving I noticed a table. I went to bring my items to the car and went back inside the store. I inquired about the table and the sales person told me that the table would be $19.99 with 50% off. I thought that still would be a good price. However, it still had the sewing machine attached to it (and come to find out, it was actually already sold) I went to the back where the furniture was and noticed another sewing table. I immediately snatched the price tag off and headed to the checkout line. The table was only $7.99; it was not 50% which was fine with me the price was great. I am still deciding if I am going to paint the table or not. I will keep you guys updated :).

Any unexpected finds?

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  1. Thats amazing.. I can't wait to see all the wonderful projects in store with that.. I need one badly.. I have yet to find anything fitting for my space.. ;( Happy Sunday girlie.. xo

  2. I found a sewing table as well awhile back with the machine attached. The machine was too far gone to repair it was old. I still have it and may consider trying to sell it to a collector. I have every intention to sand and paint the table and use it somewhere in my new house.


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