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Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 Intel Core i7 4GB RAM 500GBHD w/ Tech Support
Mac or PC?

Okay, so this is wishful thinking. Lately, I have been really considering getting a Mac notebook. Is it really worth it? Is it just as good as a PC. I see a lot of YouTuber's with Mac notebooks (I guess for editing purposes). However, does it have a lot of benefits for bloggers? Is there a big difference? This is coming from some that does not own an iPad, a Mac notebook or desk top.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I used to be a huge PC fan and hubby bought me a Mac book air 2 Christmases ago. I was skeptical about it but I love it!

  2. The only thing I own apple is my ipod and I love it. My hubs who is a computer whiz is not to fond of mac stuff but I love it.

  3. Mac since 1984 for me. No problems blogging, editing pictures, online, writing, spreadsheets etc. If you are a Word user there is a Mac version. I've grown up computer wise with first Apple then Mac (started in 1981 with an Apple and moved through so many variations over time. I use a MacBook Pro for business and personal. I have an iMac for family use and use it for editing and blog writing sometimes. Usually I do everything on my MacBook Pro. I am trying out an iPad but so far I know I would not use it for blog writing, photography editing. Have used it for mail, searches.

  4. I have both. I use the PC for a couple of programs that are not MAC compatible at the moment. However, I must prefer my MAC overall. Absolutely. No doubt about it.


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