Another day...Another nail polish

by - 11/27/2012 12:44:00 PM


This week I decided to pick out another oldie but goody. This is more like a pearl brown color. I have no idea who the maker of this polish is or the acutal name. I had this polish in my stash for a while now, and it does not have any label on it. I believe it is from one of those cheap nail polish holiday sets. It took three coats of nail polish to accomplish this look. I actually really like this nail polish and plan on applying it again. Like last week, I will be participating in Just another MANICure Monday hosted by LA Lynns Shoppe and Lip Gloss and Binky. Stop by and join me!

Any good Black Friday or Cyber Monday finds on nail polish?

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  1. I did look for polish sales! I have lately been finding some pretty decent brands at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I have been trying to dig in my crates as well. I have so many colors that I have never worn.

  2. I'm ALWAYS looking for a deal on polish... If it ain't in sale then I ain't buying!!!! Lol!!!! Sometimes the oldie but goodie polish is the BEST!!!!! Thanks for linking up!!!!



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