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I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. Not only is Thanksgiving next week, but I now it is officially 24 days until my nonprofit silent auction. I am truly grateful for all of the donations that we have recied thus far. I still have so many things to put in place. I have no idea what is going to be served at the event. The good thing is the event is going to take place during the day so heavy foods are not really required, plus it is specified that light appetizers is going to be served during the event…

One thing in which I would have liked to have done differently is send out paper invitations by mail, I only sent correspondents via email. I still could send out invitations, however, I kind of feel as if it is too late... (Yeah, I know this post is actually starting to turn into a rant!)

On another note, I really commend the moms who are on the PTO, your truly make a difference, if no one has told you Thank You!


We are still collecting items for the auction. If you or your company is interested in contributing to this worthwhile event, please contact me via email at brighterwithin@gmail.com or you can send your donation directly to Brighter Within, Inc., P.O. Box 32, Hartford, CT 06141. I can also provide you with a donation request letter on our letterhead including our tax exempt 501(c)(3) number.

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