Weight Loss Journey: I Reached My Weight Loss Goal!

by - 6/29/2017 11:00:00 AM

The day has officially come. I am officially at my weight loss goal. This is actually my second weight loss goal. My first goal was to be under 130. Right around 129. To be honest, I was tired of how I was looking. I was tired of being asked if I was expecting. I was tired of sucking in my stomach and even though having a tummy tuck is an option for most. I just couldn't see myself taking that route. In April, I started this journey. At that point, I honestly couldn't see myself weigh a hundred and twenty pounds. The last time I remember weighing that, was in my high school days. I liked my shape, however, not the stomach that came along with it. I started off. By watching my portion control and still eating the food I liked. I guess that meant that I would only have one Good Humor ice cream and not the entire box. I slowly shifted to counting calories.

What would I change?

Almost two months ago I started tracking my calories and watching how much food I actually consumed daily. I would always keep a food journal on my phone. However, I had no idea how many calories I was actually consuming on a daily basis. One thing I wish I did differently was actually planning out my meals and have all my calories accounted for. So many days I would just wing it, which I would be under a thousand calories at the end of the night. I try my best to stay around twelve hundred calories. What this means is having an idea for breakfast I'm going to have oatmeal with strawberries, lunch tuna on a half avocado and dinner beans with a sweet potato. By knowing this, I can plan my snacks around how many calories are left over and only eat what I planned out.

What did I cut Out?

During this process, I cut out the food below from my diet.
  • Breads
  • Sugar
  • Fried foods
  • Milk
  • Dairy
  • Pasta

What was my starting weight

147.8 current weight 120.8

Weight Timeline

147.8 3/30/17 141.8 4/11/17 140 4/17/17 137.8 4/25/17 129.0 5/25/17 126.6 6/1/17 124.6 6/8/17 123.8 6/15/17 122.8 6/22/17

120.8 6/29/17

Diet Pills?

I did not take any diet pills and I did not use any diet plans. No, slim fast, meal replacements, wraps etc. I lost weight by being determined and a lot of hard work.


I did not go to the gym every day, more like once in a blue moon. I would do 10K steps a day. Rarely ever did any workouts.

What's Next?

Maintain the weight loss and tone up. I have to create a plan for the winter months because I no longer have any weight loss machines. I've educated myself throughout this journey and I still have so much to learn. Was everyday easy? No, but it was so worth it!

Are you currently on a weight loss journey?

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