Michael's 8th Grade Promotional Ceremony

The last couple of days has been crazy, to say the least. With BlogHer'17 next week and two graduations in the same day. I'm still trying to “get my life” before the conference next week. 
Yesterday, Michael graduated from middle school. I remember when he entered into kindergarten and he couldn't wait to take the school bus home. I remember when he switched schools... I remember when he entered middle school. I never realized how fast life goes under now.

Overall, I'm truly thankful how well he did this school year. I plan on implementing some changes this school year as he enters high school. 
The scary part right now for me is that I only have once chance at this parenting life. I don't get a chance with another child which is really scary. I never thought that I would look back to this point and say to myself "wow, this is it." Michael is really excited about entering high though.

Are you doing anything different this year for the kiddos? Do you remember your first year of high school? 

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  1. Your little man is so handsome. Girl, I had contemplated back and forth about blogher. I wish I would have just gone. I will be there next year for sure. Have good time.


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