InterContinental Hotel of San Juan Review

by - 2/01/2017 02:11:00 PM

I booked this hotel on a whim. Literally, I booked this hotel a week prior to heading on my trip. When I originally booked this trip. I had no intentions on leaving the hotel grounds. I wanted to stay somewhere that looked beautiful. From the pictures, as it did in person, I believed this hotel was going to meet my needs. Below I give a review of my experience. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section.


One of the main reasons I selected this hotel was how close to it was to the airport (about ten minutes, I believe with no traffic.). This was my first time going on a trip alone so I wanted to ensure that I was close to the airport in the event that I lose track of time. This hotel is also on the bus line and close to many stores and restaurants.

Lobby/Hotel Grounds

This hotel's lobby does have a luxury feel. The lobby area of the hotel is very clean, the bathroom on the main floor which is towards your left upon entering is very clean as well. The grounds of the hotel are well kept. In order to enter the hotel from the beach, you have to be a guest which I loved. Traveling solo I felt very secure at this hotel. The hotel had several restaurants however, I did not get a chance to try them. I really did want to stop by Ruth Chris to grab lunch but didn’t have the time. The beach and outside grounds were well maintained as well.


The room was very spacious, I did notice a couple of wears and tears. Nothing to cry home about. It was more my attention to detail. The room had a modern feel. I opted not to get the beach view. However, it was nice to see the planes arrived at the airport. My bed was comfortable and the pillows were so fluffy. I had a king size bed in my room. I love that the room included a sofa and not just a sitting area.


Upon arriving at this location the staff was super kind. The doors were always opened for me and the front desk staff was super nice as well. If there were any issues with my room. They got on the issue as soon as possible and apologized as well. It seemed like the really cared and enjoyed what they did. The tour staff (I can’t remember his position) he went out his way to explain where to go in Old San Juan and how to get there. He didn’t just hand me a map and tell me which bus number to get on. He really took his time and provided me with the information I needed.



I really did not like that the hotel only had one Jacuzzi. Seeing how during the winter months it’s a little chiller outside at night, the Jacuzzi is prefect for guest that want to stay warm. The first day on grounds the Jacuzzi was packed. To the point, I got in and right out.


For me, the Jacuzzi wasn’t full around 2 pm and early in the morning, around 7 am. Those were the only times I ventured to it. (of course, this will all depend on how many people are staying at the hotel that would actual use the Jacuzzi.)


The room you could pretty much hear everything. I am not sure if this was due to the people staying on both sides of me were naturally loud or if the walls were paper thin.


This hotel defiantly has the potential to be a five-star hotel. I overall would recommend this hotel to friends and family because I know besides everything else the staff will ensure that they can do whatever they can to make there experience great.

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  1. This hotel looks very nice. I've always wanted to visit San Juan and I'll keep this one in mind when I do one day. I hope that you had a great trip!

    Beth ||

  2. Looks like a pretty decent hotel! Does it offer breakfast/dinner services? How is the fitness center?


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