Hotel Review: Caesars Atlantic City

by - 2/09/2017 11:05:00 AM

 The Hotel 

I absolutely love visiting Atlantic City. It's like our home away from home. This was our first time staying at the Caesars hotel and I was super excited. The Caesar hotel does have a casino inside of it like most (if not all) hotels in Atlantic City. I found it really easy to navigate through the hotel and the staff was really friendly and helpful. This hotel was really clean.


The only downside to this hotel is that they do not have an indoor pool.

You have to stop and try the gelato. It's so good and worth every penny. 


I love how centrally located this hotel is which makes it super easy to walk to the outlets and other restaurants and clubs. This hotel does have several restaurants located inside and a mall attached to it which really came in handy for us. This hotel is also on the boardwalk which the views of the ocean are amazing.

The Spa

The spa was breathtaking. It was so nice that I didn't want to leave. The QUA spa has a male and female side which I loved. I am not into massages however, the Mister had a full body massage and he wanted to go back that same day. Of course, the spa is an extra charge. However, I did receive a coupon for it when I checked in which was a plus and good marketing.When I originally planned this trip I had not attentions ongoing to the spa. However, we were celebrating our anniversary and I wanted to make the time extra special. I did make a last minute reservation a day before. The staff at the Spa pretty much explained to me when I needed to arrive etc. I was not able to get a tour of the spa prior to going which was fine. It was breathtaking once I arrived on my side. I'm happy that I didn't get a tour because it was such a nice surprise. Cold, hot, and warm Jacuzzi? Yes, Please! You name it, they had it! Would I go to the spa again, Yes!! I wouldn't even think twice. It was worth every penny.

The Room

My hotel room was EVERYTHING! The room was so nice that I didn't want to leave it. My bed was comfortable and the pillows were perfect. If someone was staying next to me I didn't hear them. I didn't hear people in the hallways. It was like the room was designed for me. I loved the frosted door to the bathroom. The headboard was so nice. I mean really nice. It was huge and the pictures really do no do it any justice. I had enough space at the table to get my blogger work done. The most important thing to me is if the room was clean. Yes! As you can see from the pictures the room was clean and the furniture in the room was in great condition.


Overall, I would stay at this hotel again, and recommend my friends and family to stay here. Don't forget to treat yourself to the spa while your there.

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  1. Well, I'm going to be staying here next weekend. I'm kidding. I wish. This hotel looks amazing. And that gelato?!! Yes please!

  2. Definitely a place I would love to escape one day! Great review!

  3. Gorgeous! Atlantic City makes me think of Boardwalk Empire. I'd want to stay at the Ritz. Such awesome history.

  4. I can see the lack of an indoor pool being a bit of a bummer, but the homemade gelato must have more than made up for it!!

    Beth ||

  5. Looks like a pretty wonderful stay! I've been to Caesar's Palace in Vegas before, but haven't yet visited Atlantic City. Although that may change now that I live on the east coast!

  6. This place looks amazing! The chocolate gelato is looking particularly appealing to me right now...I'm craving amazing dessert. I also love the detail in the hotel!

  7. Ughhh that's strange they don't have an indoor pool!!! You would think fhat would be a thing since it's a hotel in the north

  8. Oh wow what a beautiful place. I love the view on the balcony . You can enjoy the sunshine.

  9. I want to jump in that jacuzzi! You deserve a lot of pampering, dear :)

  10. I have been to Caesar's in Vegas and it is a nice place! Looks like the one in Atlantic city looks beautiful too.

    xx, Kusum |

  11. I've been to Ceasers in Vegas but never in Atlantic City. But I will never go there. Because I have to have an indoor pool and they don't have one.

  12. Modern clean and comfortable room in iconic hotel in Atlantic City. Couldn't ask for much more in terms of location and Casino facilities.

    Kim |


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