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With the kiddos in sports throughout the year and my oldest heading to college this fall. I'm always looking for delicious snacks that my entire family will love. I've learned that it can be a challenge to find a healthy on the go snack that you can just throw in the kiddos book bag or put in my purse. In my home, it's super hard to find a delicious product that meets everyone's needs. My daughter can only eat gluten free foods and my son is just a picky eater. Now I've found something that everyone loves, my daughter feels included more with the Garden Lites products and my son... let's just say he read the box and could believe that he was eating veggies. The first box was gone within that same day. Of course, I had to restock the freezer with them.

The kiddos will love this treat. Perfect for any time of the day. 

Including the infamous after school snack.

My Family loves the Chocolate muffins. They're super moist and we could not even taste the veggies.

Our favorite flavor is the chocolate muffins. It's super moist and delicious. I love that I can add this to the kiddos lunches since each muffin is individually wrapped or have a warm muffin ready for them when they arrive home from school.

Garden Lites 

All Garden Lites products are dairy, GMO, and gluten free. Each serving contains 5 grams of whole grain and 3 grams of fiber, making them the ideal snack for your entire family. 

Where to Buy

I found my Garden Lites Muffins at Shop-Rite in the freezer section near the gluten free products! You can find yours in the freezer section at your nearest Stop & Shop, Giant, Publix, HEB, Kroger or Costco. You can use the store locator on the Garden Lites website to find a store nearest you. Save $1.00 off your purchase with this exclusive offer here.

Have you ever tried Garden Lites Muffins? Let me know in the comment section. 


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  1. These look amazing! I've tried the Vitatops and I love to heat them up and top them with PB. I've gotta check these out! <3

  2. This looks like a snack that I would definitely enjoy. I love chocolate and muffins make the perfect breakfast. Its good that you found a snack all of your children can enjoy.

  3. You are making me hungry! These look so relish and perfect for my dessert cravings, yum!

    xx, Kusum |

  4. I love a chocolate muffin and the fact that it is really made with veggies is awesome. A great way to get the kids eating veggies.

  5. Seems like being so delicious and heathy! thanks for sharing!

  6. I've never tried Garden Lites but these looks like something that would be enjoyed by the whole family (me included). They look so delicious

  7. Looks like a good after school snack for the kiddos. My daughter would probably like it.

  8. I've never tried Garden Lites Muffins. But they look delicious and i love chocolate muffins so much !!!

  9. Veggies and a dessert. What a perfect combination! I'll look for them at the grocery store.


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