Traveling Solo: Old San Juan Pt.2

by - 1/18/2017 07:00:00 PM

The Journey  

My first full day of my solo vacation. I went to old San Juan to explore. My plans were to walk around and have lunch at an authentic Latin restaurant. I woke up early that morning and decided that I would leave the hotel at 10:00 am in the morning and return back at 6:00 pm. I got dressed and decide to go to the front desk at my hotel to see if they could provide me with the bus number that would bring me to old San Juan. I was directed to speak with the person that I believe was in charge of guest services. He provided me with the places to go and a map of the area. I was traveling with a super small cross body and decided to hold the map and brochure of the museum in my hands. I went back to the front due to needing exact change to take the bus. The young lady at the front desk was super sweet and exchanged $2.00 in charge for me. I headed to the bus stop which the guest services' person stated was on the same side as the hotel, and a couple of buildings down. To my surprise, I met several other travelers who were headed to old San Juan as well. I was told that there are two buses. One that comes every 30 minutes and another that comes every 45 minutes. While I was waiting, I met an older couple who were in route to the mall. I looked on my map and couldn’t find it for them to try and figure out what bus they would take. They stated that they were going to wait for the bus and were going to ask the bus driver. I was looking forward to the response from the driver because I wanted to go to the mall as well. It was past 10:30 am, and the bus still didn’t arrive. I saw the same number bus pass by on the opposite side of the street and figured that the bus had to turn around to pick us up. The bus arrived past 10:45 and I was in route to Old San Juan. I didn’t time the bus ride. However, it felt as if it took close to an hour. It was nice to travel through the town and see the different types of businesses, schools, and homes.

Upon arriving at the bus station, I decided to just walk in figure out the destination. I noticed several cruise ships parked at the pier in old San Juan. Which was really nice because I've never seen a cruise ship close up. As I walked, I noticed how beautiful the area was. Most of the buildings were various colors and had a uniqueness about them. I also noticed the heavy police presence. It was pretty much an officer on every other block. I was also surprised at how many female police officers I saw. Back at home don't see as many female police officers. I found myself trying to figure out where I was at based on the map. I wanted to follow the path I was given at the hotel. However, I found myself just walking up this very steep street. This street was not busy with tourist. I wasn’t sure if I was going the right way and at times really didn’t care. At the end of the steep hill, I found myself looking at the National Monument in Old San Juan and decided to explore.

From My Lens (part one here)

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  1. You took some really nice pictures here and the weather looks so perfect. A far cry from freezing at the moment here in Austria. I have never traveled solo and always admire people who do..

  2. This looks like a once in a life time experience. Pictures are beautiful and I felt like I was there. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Old San Juan looks beautiful! It seems like such a fun place to visit!


  4. Really awesome photography. I love the fact that you did a solo travel. I am planning to visit my sister in Prague but plan to do a few days solo travel to Hungary. I am so looking forward to my 1st solo travel :)

  5. You captured some beautiful photos! I love that you have the confidence to go it alone! Not sure if I would or not!

  6. San Juan looks absolutely beautiful! I love the colorful houses and the cobble stone streets. Traveling alone might be overwelming for some but this is proof that it's really a great thing to be able to self reflect.

  7. Such a beautiful post .I love visiting new places through blogs.Glad you shared this

  8. I feel like I have visited old San Juan just by looking at your pictures. These captures are amazing and full of history


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