Traveling Solo: The Bacardi Distillery Tour in Puerto Rico Pt. 4

by - 1/24/2017 10:00:00 AM

I read about the tour from reading a blog post on free things to do in Puerto Rico. The map my hotel provided me with showed which pier to go to. I took a ferry from old San Juan to where the factory was located at. The ferry took about five minutes. I got off the ferry and met some young ladies who were in route to the Bacardi tour as well. The taxi’s people were headed that way so we decided to take a taxi. I arrived at the Bacardi distillery and it was so pretty. The land was well maintained. I paid for the tour and was given a coin to get a free cocktail, and a beeper to let me know when my tour was starting and I also was given a souvenir cup as well. I decided to wait to have my cocktail and enjoyed the view.

My tour was supposed to start at 2:45 pm which it did. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, some areas we weren’t allowed to film or record in certain areas. Thus, the reason I only have certain pictures posted. At the end of the tour, we were also told how to make each cocktail pictured.

the tour was over I went to the gift shop. In the gift shop, they have a Bacardi that you could only buy at that the distillery. I only traveled with a carry-on bag. I couldn’t cater to that idea of purchasing the bottle. I headed back to the bar area and ordered my cocktail. I believe I ordered a sunrise, it was so good and sweet just how I like my adult beverages. I am all for sweet cocktails. I enjoyed the view and headed to the taxi station. Unless I wanted to pay more, I had to wait for others to take the cab or I could have ordered an Uber. I took the cab back to the ferry and only had to wait a few minutes for the ferry to arrive. It only took about 5 minutes to return back to old San Juan. The journey now begins to the Las Americas Mall.

Through my lens

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  1. Would love this trip! This looks so amazing and that drink!!

  2. Ohhh lucky you! I have seen something about this place on television before and really thought it looked like a lot of fun!
    I have some Bacardi sitting right here above me on my shelves lol - my office is fully stocked HAHA!
    Now I am thinking about mixing up a nice beverage.
    Glad you had fun, it was nice seeing the place through your eyes!

  3. This looks cools, I've only ever toured beer breweries and I'm not really into beer. Your Sunrise at the end looks amazing! Nikki x

  4. This looks great and fab pictures! I love how full of hints and tips the blogging community is!

  5. Loved the beautiful art hanging on the walls! Looked like you had a lot of fun

  6. I am enjoying watching these pictures. One thing though I would love me some Bacardi, that is one drink that I love. Thank you for sharing your awesome trip.

  7. OMG one of the awesome tour! Have you tried many flavour mix of Bacardi? How many do they have?

  8. Simply beautiful pictures that tell a story of a great time. I am living through you and your vacations.

  9. This is a lovely area! How fun! That drink looks really refreshing.

  10. I've been to PR several times, but never visited the Barcardi site. What a shame! I'll definitely have to do it on my next visit.

  11. I went to PR last year and was supposed to do this tour, but due to our large group we missed it. Now that I've seen this, I am so disappointed we didn't get to do it!

  12. Love the pictures, especially the one of the drink, so clean and neat.

    Expressing Life 

  13. This Bacardi tour looks like an amazing experience. It reminds me of St. Augustine Brewery!

  14. Great pics .But I don't drink alcohol at all .Hope you enjoyed the trip.


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