Living Room Storage ideas

by - 1/13/2012 09:35:00 AM

Happy Friday Everyone!

Last weekend my hubby and I rearranged our living, and I truly love the new layout… Now that the living room has been rearranged. We finally have enough room to have some type of storage system. Below are some ideas we  have in mind.

This would be the perfect addition to our living room, enough storage a blanket, mail and a laptop.

very modern!

Another great choice!

As you can see, I really want a secretary desk!

Do you have any living room storage ideas?

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  1. I love the first and last ones- soo nice!

  2. I love secretary desk there are so versatile, hopefully you'll come across one via craigslist or the goodwill that just needs a little love and will be perfect for your living room

  3. I love that secretary desk!! Beautiful!!

  4. Summer

    The last one is my favorite. Classic!

    Mrs. Chic

    I have to go and check my local Goodwill.


    Thank you & Thanks for stopping by.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  5. This is my first time using a storage service and I'd definitely recommend them if you need a place! There were several others in the area, but when I saw the reviews online and made several calls to different companies, I decided to go with them.
    car storage willowbank


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