Menu Plan Monday: Week of 10/9/17

by - 10/09/2017 11:30:00 AM

Happy Meal Plan Monday Everyone!
It feels like I haven't shared what's on my meal plan in like forever. I'm happy to say that for the month of October. I meal prepped for the entire month which I'm really excited about.
Anywho, How was your weekend? This past weekend I had the weeks mixed up with my daughter game and I was super excited about attending it this weekend. The Mister and I instead went on a date night. If you follow me on IG or Snapchat. I took your guys along with me... I am so happy that the last couple of days have been warm in my state. It was in the low 70s when we were on our way back home and there are times in the last couple of weeks that it was around the 40s. So yes, I'm happy! I find myself just sitting on my deck and enjoying the weather. It's so nice to be able to enjoy my deck during the fall months.
Anywho, below I'm sharing my meal plan for my family. I would love to know what's on the menu for your family this week. Are you trying any new recipes?

Meal Plan 

Herb Cream of Mushroom Chicken w/ rice and veggies
Shrimp Alfredo w/ garlic bread
Honey Herb Chicken w/ rice and veggies
Baked Ziti
Pizza and Wings
Eating Out
The Mister

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  1. O! I love the meal plan you have for the week. especially the shrimp alfredo - that's my fav!

  2. That meal plan sounds great! I love preparing for my week's meals so that I can just chill instead of scrambling.

  3. I love the the idea of meal planning, but never actually sit myself down and do it. I really should, it makes the weeknights so much easier when you come home from work.

  4. This looks like a yummy meal plan! Meal planning makes everything so much easier!

  5. Planning out my menu has saved me so much time, and my family so much money, it's such a smart idea!


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  6. Yum - all of it sounds so good! I totally need to start meal planning.

  7. I love meal planning...when I remember to do it of course HA! It really does save so much time and stress to set it all out a week (or 4!) in advance!


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