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by - 10/25/2017 11:30:00 AM

I recently flew United Airlines Basic Economy and wanted to share my experience. I honestly searched high and low for blog posts and I found very few that share their experience flying United airlines basic economy. A couple of forums. However, no blog post.

Getting There

My flight was a red eye which I prefer. However, that meant that instead of waiting for TSA to open or just getting to the airport and going straight through security I had to wait for United Check-in counters to open and once they were open. A clerk to approve my personal item. This was my first time experiencing this. I would always check-in online and never had to worry about checking in. I was super early for my flight so I didn't have to worry about being late getting to my gate. I will say that if you have one of the first flights and you plan on running late or just getting there in enough time. Don't! I also noticed that United Airlines had a separate area check-in for Basic Economy. Which I didn't notice prior to my arrival. 

Also, when boarding the flight you are in the last boarding group which I didn't mind. You will be reminded at that time again that you have to have a small personal item.

Small Personal Item

I felt this was really vague on the website. United provides dimensions of the bag. However, I don't believe any store sells an under seat bag at that dimension. I ended up calling United Airlines to confirm and they stated that the total inches are 36. The flight that I was on returning. I noticed that if you're in an aisle seat that the under the seat storage area is a little smaller.


I was pleasantly surprised with my seating. I knew prior to boarding what my seating was. Going I had a window seat and flying back I had an aisle seat. I know this is not going to be the case with all flights and I booked my flight a couple of weeks prior. Maybe two


I honestly would fly United Basic Economy again. I am trying to get out of the habit of traveling with so much luggage. I didn't feel that I was treated differently than any of the other passengers and I was actually surprised that a lot of people fly Basic Economy.

Have you ever flown Basic Economy?

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  1. Interesting, I hadn't heard of this before. I'd give it a try! I mostly fly Southwest for the free luggage, but if this were cheaper, I'd fly this airline!

  2. I have never heard of United basic economy! But I live in Europe so all we ever fly with around here is Easyjet. But i guess Europe or not we all want a good flight!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. I also feel that many times websites can be too vague when describing the size of carry on items, or even any piece of luggage for that matter. This is really helpful :)

  4. I'm not a huge fan of United, I've always found their flights to be cramped and uncomfortable. That said, sometimes their basic economy fare is too good to beat! Thanks for the review, I'll keep it in mind next time I solo travel. Also, isn't traveling light the best? I always travel just carry-on, but I'm trying to downsize to carry-on that fits under the seat!

  5. I have never heard of them before but it sounds like a decent way to travel. I would give them a try.


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