Weight Loss Update + Fall Fitness Goals

by - 10/12/2017 10:30:00 AM

Hello, everyone, if you're new to this series I recently went on a healthy eating and weight loss journey in March of this year. You can learn all about my journey here. I've lost over 40 lbs so far. Which was not my original goal and I'm more in the maintaining and muscle gaining stages now.
Lately, I've learned that I've had to learn how to deal with the opinions of others. It's funny because my immediate family never say anything. However, everyone else has something to say which is honestly doing more harm than good.
I guess people fail to realize that I don't owe them any explanation and I'm not open to their opinions. Which people give a lot.
Now that it officially fall. I plan on switching up my routine a little. Prior to my metabolism slowing down. I never had any issues losing weight during the summer months. The last couple of years I've owned a workout machine which like most people I barely used it. Well, this summer we had to get rid of it which I'm a little nervous about now.
I don't own a gym membership because I'm just not the gym membership type of girl. I've had one for years in the past and would never go. Since to starting to get super cold in October and I don't look like the cold. I have to do better about going for my daily walks and figuring out a routine for the fall and winter months.
Since the official start of winter isn't into mid-December if plan on finding an In-home workout routine that will give me enough steps ( I try to do 10k a day).

I still plan on tracking my steps and food which has been really helpful for me.
In the past, I've really struggled in the winter time with maintaining my weight. I would gain at least ten pounds each winter due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise and during the warmer months, I would pretty much loose whatever weight I gained that past winter.

Fall Goals

  • Maintain weight ( not lose any more weight) 
  • Build muscle 
  • Create a workout routine
  • 10k daily steps 
  • Create weekly meal plan for myself

Do you have any fall fitness or weight loss goals? 

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  1. I so excited for Fall and I hope to cut out fast food and drink more water.

  2. Good luck with your goals! Mine are just to drink more water. I should probably start lifting weights too. My arms are starting to look flabby.

  3. Well done! You've done incredibly and I hope you reach your new goals.

  4. Congrats for your weight lost! Thats incredible! I gain about 30kg when I was pregnant. The first 20kg was easily gone but the last 10kg was hard! Now I have just 1-2kg to lose.

  5. We have the same goals I want to keep my weight and build some muscles. And drink more water, I am slacking on that department.

  6. It's always much harder to keep active in the cold months, we just want to stay at home where it's warm and cosy. Your idea of home workouts is great though, sometimes they are even better than the workout machine!

  7. Good luck with the goals, so much harder to keep up fitness during winter. Loving the idea of at home workouts, could easily squeeze that in in the mornings

  8. Yes! Definitely more yoga in my life! I remember its amazing benefits but somehow got too busy. No longer!

  9. Congratulations on your weighloss, tese are really great fitness goals! I'm determined to get myself back on track as well for the summer months, great inspiration!

  10. I love this! Way to go in achieving fitness goals, girl! I also have the same struggle with the winter months. I'm taking the opposite approach though: I bought myself a membership at a great gym and am planning on going everyday after work while it's too cold to run outside (my preferred exercise). Good luck with your goals!

  11. Firstly congrats on the weight loss! am certain you are so proud! I think its always important to have a goal/ target in mind!. keep it up.


    luciana as ajulydreamer.com

  12. Yay!!! Love this! I really need to get back on my fitness grind as well! Glad to hear you’re kicking butt at your goals

  13. Building muscle is one of the things that so many do not attribute to their weight goals that they set. It's not all about the number but about feeling like your healthiest self.


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