5 Simple Travel Must-Haves That You Keep on Forgetting

by - 10/10/2017 11:30:00 AM

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Today I’m sharing a few travel tips. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a travel newbie. I hope you can learn something from this post. If you have any travel tips that are not mentioned. Please feel free to share them in the comment section.


I know that this might sound simple enough. However, carry a pen with you especially when traveling out of the country by plane because you need them to fill out your customs form. Also, don’t just carry one pen. Carry a couple of pens just in case your pen stops working. Yes, most people are pretty nice about allowing you to use their pen. However, I would prefer to be the person allowing someone to borrow my pen.

Water Bottle

Okay, so we all know that you can’t bring water in the airport and typically most people fill their water bottles after passing security. Now, it's also smart to carry a water bottle to fill up during your stary. A lot of times it cheaper to purchase a gallon of water versus a bottled water.Carry your water bottle just in case for those basic needs. The last time I traveled. I purchased something for my son to drink the night before and I was able to fill his water bottle the next day instead of wasting what I purchased. This allowed him to have something to drink throughout the day.

Power Bank

I love my power bank and I actually own two. This is one of the power banks that I own. The other one I received free at Blogger from Media.net. My larger battery pack was a total lifesaver during my travels to Europe. I would charge it every night prior to going to bed and out of the four bars, it would only use one throughout the day. My phone battery typically goes died within a couple of hours if you’re wondering how long my battery typically last for. I’m also able to help someone if their battery is dead. Especially having teens. Three of our phones can charge at the same time. Invest in a good battery pack and thank me later.

Microwaveable containers 

During my last travels, we stayed at an Airbnb. I honestly don’t like using others peoples dish wear. If you're wondering “well, it’s the same as eating out” I don’t like eating out either. I noticed that most places/ hotels come with a fridge and/or a microwave and sometimes if you have leftovers from a restaurant it’s not microwave safe which really sucks if you have no way of warming it up. These containers also come in handy if you want to make yourself a salad or meal to eat on the go. You don’t have to worry about using what your Airbnb has. I also noticed that some of the shops in tourist areas run out of throwaway dinner wear very fast (paper, cups, plates etc). During my last travels, I was at a store that ran out which can really suck when you have to visit several stores looking for some. I would also suggest storing your spices, teas, and coffees in these containers for optimal space in your luggage.

Power Cord/Strip

If you're staying at an Airbnb, hotel or even taking a cruise. A power strip and small power cord really do come in handy if you're staying somewhere that has very little outlets. I know cruises are notorious for only having one outlet. Which may not be all that bad until you need to charge your phone, battery pack, camera, and computer. You can find lightweight travel power strips and at pretty much anywhere. Plus, the power cord comes in handy when your power outlets are nowhere near you and you need your phone charged as an alarm in the morning. Trust me, having to choose from a charged phone and or an alarm isn’t fun especially when you have to catch a flight the next morning.

I know some of you may be reading this post and can totally relate to not having some of these items on hand. It’s not fun! I’ve been in your position and trust me my travel must-haves often changed based on where I’m traveling to and what will be accessible to me. I what love to hear from you.

Do you have any travel must-haves that most people forget to bring?

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  1. We travel quite a bit as well. Just got back from Europe and the power bank was a life saver for me, too! I have a retractable power cord and my travel cubes that keep my bags neat and tidy.

  2. Great tips! I was trying to think about what I must have during travel and my power bank & water bottle is among them. And disinfectant wipes... in case no quick access to running water.

  3. Oooh! I would have NEVER thought about bringing my own microwavable containers but that is GENIUS! And, honestly, when we went to the beach this summer I wish I had brought a power strip!

  4. This is such a great list! I'm definitely never without a pen but wouldn't have thought to travel without a power strip!

  5. After travelling so much one thing that I have felt is that power bank is a must have...I remember being stuck on dark streets with a a dead phone


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