Our Trip to London (Pic Recap)

If you follow me on social media. You shared the experience with me and my family as we traveled to London for 9 days and 8 nights. Every year my sister and her family have an annual family vacation last year they visited Greece, Italy, Egypt (I think that’s it) This year Michael and I tagged along with them as they traveled to London. Last year Michael and I both planned on traveling with them to the countries that they visited and we didn’t end up going. This year, Michael planned on going and I did not plan on attending this year. Well, I ended up booking a flight last minute and boy and I happy I decided to tag along. Even though my original plan was for me to visit two other countries. I’m still happy that Michael and I had a chance to embark on this wonderful opportunity.
I will say that once I arrived in London. I sorta felt as if I was watching an Austin Powers movie. I immediately saw a double-decker bus which reminded of the movie with live music was playing outside of the train station.
I found myself emerged in the culture and enjoying every minute of the markets, eateries, and tourist attractions. I can honestly say that I can see why London is on most people’s bucket list.

Anywho, below are a couple of pictures from my trip.

Is London on your bucket list? Have you visited London before?


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