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by - 4/11/2017 10:22:00 AM

Let me start off by saying that this was my first time staying at an all-inclusive resort. Your thoughts and opinions may differ from mine. This is not a sponsored post.


The hotel wasn’t new. However, they did go above and beyond to make sure that they keep the hotel in great shape. Someone is always working on something. From touching up paint to trimming the hedges. I am a really picky person and this hotel was clean and neat.


All of the staff were really friendly. It seems as if they really enjoy working there. All of the staff spoke to me in passing. The staff really did go above and beyond my expectations.

Amenities (Kid)

Again, I’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive hotel before. So I am not well versed with the amenities that other resorts offer. I will say that the focus of this resort is kid friendly. They have a good amount of stuff to keep the kiddies busy from basketball for to mini-golf. I did not have any smaller children with me. Therefore, did not utilize the childcare. I did see babies going there. Not sure of the specifics though.

Amenities (Adult)

I do feel as if the layout for adult amenities could have been little different or separate. For instance, I stayed at a separate building. Which had the adult bar area on the 8th floor which was perfect. However, the adult pool was near the front desk which was very inconvenient. I love that they offer this. However, it is weird. Having to go through the opposite side of the building. Not sure if the adult amenities was an after thought. Which
is very well could have been. It honestly would have been perfect if it was located near the adult dining/bar area. I just was under the impressions that all of the adult amenities would be the same area.


Let me first start off by saying that I visited two of the restaurants out of the four. Both restaurants were amazing. The menu for the restaurants is available right outside of them. In my case, it was little different because I do not eat meat. I was looking forward to trying the Mexican restaurant since I was in Mexico. However, the food options are very slim if you don’t eat chicken or pork. The staff was really sweet. What I did order was delicious.

Mexican Resturant

I showed up on time for my reservation and I was immediately seated. The food was really yummy. I believe I had salmon or tuna (sorry, I can't remember) I believe I had Mexican cake for dessert. It was so good.

French Restaurant

Out of the two restaurants, this was my favorite. This food I had was amazing. From the appetizer to dessert.


Each night the buffet has a theme. The first night was a Mexican night. The second night was a seafood theme. They also have an array of different options. From cereal to fruit. The also had a few ready to order sections. Overall, if you’re not a picky eater they pretty much have something for everyone.

Sushi restaurant

I was really excited about trying this restaurant out. However, I didn’t like the sushi. They had several different options. However, the sushi tastes like the grocery store kind. They didn’t have any California rolls. Not sure if it’s because the avocados are not in season.

The Room

I really did love my room. The view was breathtaking. I literally would wake up and open the curtains to watch the sun rise. It was so beautiful. I did use the tub which also had a view of the beach. The tub was huge and the room was clean.
Overall, I highly would recommend this hotel for families. If you don’t mind being around kiddos this is also a great option for you if you are traveling with adults only. I will say that one of the perks of this being a family resort. The adult areas were not over packed with people.

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  1. Those pictures are calling:)..looks very calm and serene.. Thank you for the recommendation as well

  2. We are considering an all inclusive hotel for our summer holidays this year. I know now what to look for. Love your photos!

  3. Looks like an amazing place to visit, relax up and have vacation :D
    Thanks for introducing us to the club, hope will visit sometime :)

  4. This place looks so fabulous! I'd love to try out that French restaurant. And that beach is just so amazing.

  5. Wow, the room looks unbelievable!! Even though people argue that you don't need a quality room when you're on vacation because you'll be out exploring during the day and all you need it for is sleep, I completely disagree. I love when a room is spacious and comfortable!

  6. I am SO ready for a vacation. It's long overdue. I've been working so hard lately. Time for a break.

  7. Great review. You covered many of the areas I would want to know about. I am a foodie so I would have been at all the restaurants. That room looks amazing as well!

  8. Looks like a great trip. I've only done all inclusive once before and the food wasn't great, but this sounds like it was good. Great info!

  9. It does look amazing there. Although I am a little unhappy the sushi did not live up to expectations. That's not cool that they had no avocado but I'm wondering whether or not because they just don't grow it locally. Frequently it's a California thing only.

  10. I love the view and the tub in the room. Really elegant and really good amenities.

  11. This looks very beautiful. I'm bookmarking this page because I just got the travel bug and plan on traveling a lot this year! Next stop is Jamaica in a few weeks!! woohoo! -monique

  12. Great review! The view from the room is splendid and you've sold this resort to me! I'd love to go there. Also, glad to know that they have separate areas for adults and kids.

  13. Oooh I'm going to Mexico later this year and would loooove to go here! Definitely bookmarking this for my trip, thanks so much for sharing!


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