Traveling Solo: Getting to Cancun

by - 4/04/2017 02:04:00 PM

In January I took the leap to book my first international trip to Cancun solo. I was super nervous about the trip. After booking this trip. I decided to give a trial run to San Juan first. I talked all about my trip to San Juan here.

When I originally booked the trip. March seemed so far away. It was January at the time and super cold. One of the worst parts about living in Connecticut and traveling is that you really can not predict your travel plans weather wise. When I originally booked this trip. I wasn’t sure when would be a good time since last your in April it snowed. I knew not all Springs are the same. So I opted to book my trip the second to last week in March.

Exactly a week prior to my trip. We had a blizzard in Connecticut in the state was closed. Which made me a little nervous about my trip the following week. We had gotten a lot of snow and some schools were even closed a couple days. The scary part about it was that I was thinking about booking the trip for that week and opted a week later. Boy, what a difference a week makes.

For some reason the night before I couldn’t sleep and was pretty much cranky trying to get out of bed. It was super cold outside in Connecticut. No snow was on the ground which I was super happy about.

I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. I was super tired but I was excited about traveling to another country...

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