My Weight Loss Journey

by - 4/06/2017 11:04:00 AM

Last week I went to the doctors and I couldn't believe what the scale showed. I thought it was wrong because I had all of my clothing on and shoes. Nope, it wasn't wrong at all. I weighted myself the next day. 

My plan is to loose 15 pounds by June. What I'm currently trying to do is cut down on my sugar intake. Typically everyday I drink tea and I would add three sugars. I also plan to cut down on the amount of fried and processed food I have. I'm not big into working out. However, I do walk a lot during the warmer months. 
One of the new things that I'm doing is tracking my food intake. I currently have a printable that I use and I use the notes section on my phone to log the information if I'm not near the sheet.

I purchased some weights for my son so I do plan on implementing them in my schedule. I may post my typical at home workout on my YouTube Channel... 

 I won't say that I'm on a diet. I will say that I'm on a weight loss journey. I'm not sure how this is going to go. I know that I am not perfect and this journey will not be perfect. But I'm looking forward to making healthier choices. 

Do you have any weight loss goals for 2017? 

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