Tips for Flying Spirit Airlines

by - 5/19/2021 12:00:00 AM

I’m on my first flight, traveling Spirit Airlines, and I know so many people have questions when it comes to flying this particular airline. Below, I’m sharing tips to assist you with flying Spirit.


Check-In at the 24hr mark. Set a reminder on your phone. Once you check-in, you’ll have access to your boarding pass.

Boarding Pass

You can pay at the airport or have your boarding pass emailed to you. You can also access your boarding pass via their app as well. The first time I flew Spirit Airlines I printed out my boarding pass I believe, and I just boarded my flight using my email boarding pass.

Personal Item
You are allowed one personal item. This is not carry-on luggage. This bag has to fit under the seat. I recently invested in a bag. I have an under-seat bag that is perfect when utilizing my carry-on bag. But this particular bag does not have wheels.

Yes. You have to pay for onboard food. However, you can also purchase food at the airport, and bring your own snacks onboard as well.

Seat Selection
You can pay an additional fee to select your seat. Spirit will select a seat for you if you don’t pay the additional fee.

The Spirit App
The Spirit app is a wonderful resource for any flight updates.

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  1. I have never flown before, so these are great tips. I hope to be able to someday though. I would love to experience it.

  2. This post was very informative, thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Did they check the size of your bag when you checked in? I have never flown Spirit Airlines and it is nice to have some tips.

  4. I have heard they do some really great things. I would consider using them.

  5. These great tips I haven't fly with spirit airlines. I heard it is cheaper one. I would try to use them in future.


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