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by - 5/25/2021 12:00:00 AM

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I booked my first hotel stay the same day, as the start of my trip. What I will say is the prices fluctuate, and you’ll typically get a better deal during the week. (Friday’s are considered the weekend.) I’ve learned that prices also decrease as well, one of the hotels I wanted to stay at the price actually decreased the day of my stay which surprised me. Another actually went up. I will place a disclaimer to make sure all of the totals are the same when comparning prices. Some of the taxes and fees can be a lot. For instance, I was looking into booking a stay and the daily rate was cheaper. However, once I factored in the taxes and fees, the price went up significantly. Go based off the total amount, and not just off of the daily rate. Below, I'm sharing some must-know tips for booking cheap hotel stays.

Credit Cards

Most credit card companies that offer cash back typically have hotels as an option as well to save.

Groupon is a wonderful resource for hotel and resort stays. I’ve used them in the past, and had no issues.
AAA Membership
If you have this membership, you never know when it might come in handy. During my last hotel stay my rate was cheaper than Expedia's total due to the hotel offering a AAA membership discount.
Visit the actual hotel site, and make sure to signup for their email list and membership if you’re looking to have them as your goto hotel.
Prior to booking my stay, I make sure to go through the Rakuten site/app to see what cash back offers they’re offering.

Hotwire & Priceline
Hotwire has a deal of the day for hotels. You won’t know which deal you received until you actually booked your hotel.

Expedia is old fateful, I’ve been using them for years. I love that I can earn points with my travel bookings.

HotelTonight (App)
I’m not sure how or when I learned about this app. However, I always check this site out, especially for last minute adventures.

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  1. I am all about cheap! Thank you for these apps. I will keep them in mind when we travel.

  2. Booyah! I'm all about cheap when I travel. I want to spend my money on experiences and awesome food. I just need a place to sleep when it comes to a hotel.

  3. I have to go check out all of these! I love to travel, but I also LOVE to save money. If I can do both, I'm all over it.

  4. I do like saving money. I will have to look into these hotel sites.

  5. I really loved some of these apps, they are so helpful.

  6. I am always looking for the best deal for the hotel. I usually use trivago site that helps me to find the best price!

  7. This will be helpful for those looking for hotel deals.


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