Tips for Flying In The US in 2021

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I booked my first two trips of the year, and this is my first time flying since January 2020 pre-pandemic. On the day of my flight, I had a random thought. OMG, do I need a COVID test to board my flight? Yup, a few hours before my flight I had this thought. I checked and checked, and as of this very second. Flying domestically out of Connecticut Bradley International airport does not require a test. Please make sure to check with your departing and arriving airport as requirements change frequenly. Since taking my first trip, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tips for flying this year. 

Bring extra masks
Anything can happen, your mask can fall on the floor. It could also possibly get wet or simply sweaty. Bring extra masks just in case.

Domestic Testing Requirements
Prior to your flight domestic flight check to make sure testing is not required at your departure and arrival state.
Sanitize your hands
Of course, washing your hands is ideal, and depending on the airport you’re traveling to their maybe a long line to the bathroom. Most if not all airports have hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the airport. Of course, you can always bring your own. Make sure you bring a travel-size container.

Getting To The Airport
Make sure you’re at the airport at least two hours before your departure time. Be mindful that your departure time is the time in which your flight acutally leaves, and you should be on the flight and seated at that time. That is not the boarding time, you pretty much such try to get to the airport two hours from your boarding time for domestic flights. 

Airlines App
Download your airline's app prior to heading to the airport. The airline app is typically a great resource for any flight updates. You can also access your boarding pass with most airlines on their app. 
You can eat on flights. HOWEVER, once you're done eating you have to pull your mask over your face.
Your mask is required to stay on during your entire flight unless you're consuming food or a beverage.

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  1. Thank you for these tips! I've always wanted to go to the US for vacation but migrating there is also an option.

  2. These are helpful tips! I know lots of people are excited to travel. It's important to know the new guidelines when traveling.

  3. It has been really hard to fly recently. These tips will be super helpful!


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