Hilton Bonnet Creek Orlando Florida Review

by - 7/04/2017 11:00:00 AM


I love that this hotel was not in the hustle and bustle of Disney. It was really nice that the hotel was secluded and it felt as if I was at a luxury Resort.


I loved that this hotel had a gym which was maintained throughout the day and actually was a pretty good size. I was able to get on and off the machines, which was really nice. There were always machines available and the staff would come around to clean and replenish the towels. I also love that this hotel has picture perfect views.


The lazy river and pool were so well-kept, I love that this hotel also had a lazy river which is perfect for the kiddos and adults. I also loved that had a pretty good amount of chairs by the pool as well as a restaurant near the pool area. I didn't have any trouble finding a seat at the pool which is always a bonus. It was nice that this hotel had several other little pool areas. There wasn't just one large pool.


My room was clean bad didn't feel as if it had any wear and tear to it. My room was a good size and I had double beds. The bathroom fixtures were up to date as well. The hotel bathroom had the toilet shower and vanity all in one area.


The staff at this hotel was super sweet and really went above and beyond my expectations. They really tried their best to make sure they over exceeded my expectations.


This hotel had several gorgeous restaurants on site. They also had several others that were in walking distance from the hotel. I love the adult atmosphere of the restaurants. You really felt as if you were at a five-star restaurant.


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  1. This hotel does look pretty fabulous. When I'm in Orlando again, I'll keep this in mind.

  2. Looks awesome! This makes me want to visit Orlando again.

  3. Lazy river AND a pool? Sign me up! Personally I like that it's a little secluded from the madness of Disney. Look like I found my place to stay next time I'm in Orlando!

  4. I've never stayed at a hotel that had a lazy river! I feel like that would be such an amazing selling point !

  5. It looked a nice hotel to relax and unwind!! Shall keep a note while in Orlando!

  6. Love those pictures ..surely inspiring to hit the road ...NOW :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, we are suppose to go to Orlando next year. I will keep this hotel in mind.

  8. Awesome hotel. Thanks for sharing the review with us. The pictures looks great.

  9. Thanks sharing for this post. I have found great information. If anyone want know about free Orlando vacation please visit here.

  10. This looks like a great hotel. I love that it has a lazy river. I have a layover in orlando coming up, might stay here for the night :)


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