How to Save Money on Laundry

by - 7/05/2017 11:00:00 AM

Happy Wednesday friends! I wanted to share with you a few tips that I used to save thousands on my light bill. These are tips that I use on a daily basis especially during the summer months. 

Make your own detergent

I started making my own laundry detergent over five years ago and this recipe has been the best thing for me since sliced bread. I've even created a powder recipe for those lazy days that I don't feel like making the liquid version. I can't wait to share the powder recipe with you guys. I've been using it for almost a year now. You can find the recipe I use here.

Purchase laundry detergent when it's on sale

Okay, so I know making your own laundry is not for everyone. However, you can still save a ton of money by knowing the sale price for your favorite laundry detergent/fabric softener and stocking up when it's on sale. While you're going this route. Don't forget to sign up for your favorite detergents/softeners mailing list to receive exclusive offers. They may even have a coupon on their site that you can use that same day, so double check prior to heading to the stores. 

Hang your clothing outside

I honestly live for the summer months and I'm a huge fan of hanging my families clothing outside to air dry. Can you imagine how much I save on my light bill? Plus, it's better for the environment! Trust me, it's a very noticeable difference with my light bill fall/winter vs summer. I also use a combination of a clothing line and rack to dry my clothes outside. You can purchase both items at your local department store for under $20 each.  I've also noticed that airing drying my clothes extends the longevity of them. 

Wash After 8 pm

The light company wants you to save money. Figure out the rates for various times of the day and wash based on those times. During the winter months, I typically wash and dry our clothing after 8 pm based on the rates with my utility provider. Do a quick Google search to find out the various rates. Knowing when the rates change during the day will save you a ton of money. You have no idea how much of a big difference an hour or two makes.

Do you have any money saving tips? Let's chat in the comment section!

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  1. Wow I never knew about the rated changing depending of the time of day. O I am about to google this right now, lol! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, its great to know that the rate of electricity changes, basis the consumption patterns.. I remember my granny making the detergent bars at home, so maybe I should give it a thought!

  3. These are all really good ideas! I use to make my own soap, I might have to try again! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I try to buy detergent when it's on sale, but I had no clue that your light bill changes depending on the time of day! That's great to know!

  5. I have no idea about the rates or that I should wash after 8pm. This makes me interested. Let me check my bill first and verify too.

  6. Hanging clothes outside is the best! I have always done that and it's such a great way to save money!

  7. To save some bucks in buying laundry soap, i always bought the laundry soap with the store's label. It is usually up to 40% cheaper than the branded laundry soap.
    Anyway, they bought cleanse my clothes!

  8. I didn't know you can make your own detergent! That's great to learn.

  9. Your laundry detergent recipe was awesome! I really don't have such idea about this DIY detergent recipe. very interesting and useful post.

  10. I never even thought about checking to see what time of day is the least expensive to do laundry. Thank you for sharing that tip.

  11. I am definately going to be making my detergent going forward. Thanks

  12. Whoa..I never thought of making my own detergent. Gonna check out your recipe :)


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