Menu Plan Monday: Week of 7/17/17

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Hello, Friends!

Happy Monday! July is truly flying by. This is the Mister's Birthday month and I'm so ready for his birthday cake!! I have such a sweet tooth. I could just go out and buy a cake. However, I'm trying to get out of my old ways... Last week I reached my final edited weight loss goal and I've lost a total of thirty pounds! I feel amazing, and I'm so proud of myself.  You can read all about my weight loss journey here. I'm trying to get back into menu planning during the summer months and even though we're currently having a heatwave. I really miss baking. Of course, I've been working on healthy alternatives for myself and family. I have a super yummy zucchini recipe that I've been working on. This week our menu plan is super basic. I plan on trying a new marinade, and I'll let you guys know how the family likes it. I'm still unwinding from my recent trip to Blogger Bash you can read all about it here

Anywho, how was your weekend?

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: The Mister
Tuesday: Spaghetti 
Wednesday: Baked Marinated chicken w/ veggies and rice
Thursday: Salamon w/ potato salad and veggies
Friday: BBQ chicken w/ rice and veggies 
Saturday: Fried Fish w/ French fries 
Sunday: Eating Out

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  1. this is so helpful !! when you wonder what to cook for dinner today !! I am picking some of the stuff

  2. I love that The Mister has a day. My Hubby cooks on the weekends. It's always a fun break for me and he's actually pretty good too! Looks like you have a yummy week ahead!

  3. The best part of menu planning is you have a plan right?Otherwise you end up eating junk.Even my hubby has a meal responsibility ,He takes care of breakfast .I do lunch and dinner.

  4. Love it! I'm totally a menu planner myself. I love reading what/how others do it!Congratulations at hitting that 30lbs weightloss mark. I'm reading your linked post because I'm wishing that to be "me too!" soon! Thanks for sharing!


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