Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center Review

by - 7/25/2017 11:00:00 AM

Living in Connecticut, visiting Lake George is an annual trip for some. My family and I finally had the opportunity to visit and I couldn't wait to come back and share my experience with you guys. 


I stayed at the motel part of this hotel and I was overall pleased with it. I had a view of the lake which was breathtaking and super nice. The room was clean and the furniture was in good shape. I only noticed minor imperfections. The motel rooms are a little dated and do not include refrigerators.


The grounds at this hotel is well kept and really clean. 


I love that this hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool.


This hotel is centrally located right in the midst of Lake George. This hotel is within walking distance to stores and restaurants and downtown Lake Geroge. I love that I literally could walk and get something to eat and I didn’t have to worry about driving everywhere if I did not want to.


I checked in right around check in time and the line. The front desk area is small. However, the check in process took the typical amount of time. 


I had the best view of Lake George. It was so nice to open my hotel room door and see an amazing view of the lake.


The staff was really nice to the front desk staff to the grounds staff. The ice machine was not working near my room and one of the staff offered to bring the ice back to my room so I didn’t have to wait. 


I love the location of this hotel. I think hands down this is the best hotel if you want a view of the lake. 


1. Our room had a very limited amount outlets
2. Decor was dated
3. This hotel is not upfront at all when booking with a third party company that they have three actual hotels on the property and what you see as the face of the hotel is not the actual hotel you have a reservation for. When you book through the hotel site you will see what I'm referring to. The only reason I knew of this was based on the reviews. 

Overall, after reading all of the reviews of this hotel I honestly wanted to cancel my reservation. I really have a certain standard when it comes to hotel rooms. I really don’t ask for much just a great view and for it to be clean and the furniture to be in good shape. I will say that I am really pleased with this hotel overall.

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  1. I love the idea of an annual family trip! Hotels can be tricky, but I'm glad you managed to enjoy your stay!

  2. A very detailed and insightful review!

  3. Great review, lots of great info!

  4. Reviews can be misleading. Glad you didn't cancel and that you were able to enjoy your stay.

  5. The lake is pretty. The room was dated, but I'm glad you had a good time. I live in Texas and had never heard of the lake, even though we visited my in-laws in CT years ago. Where in CT is it located?

  6. The review is amazing. Its detailed and pictures are fab. thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi lovely place and a very helpful review!

  8. Great review, can be of so much help to people planning a visit there.

  9. This looks like a great place to visit! Shell

  10. I'm glad you still had a good time! Not cool with how they try to mislead people though!

  11. The place looks cozy and the weather looks amazing.

  12. Hotels can be so tricky to judg3 when you've not been there before. I've stayed in some absolute doozies!

  13. Hi I was searching for the blogs for many times, now I have reached at the right hotel prices


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