Blogger Bash NY 2017 Recap

by - 7/14/2017 11:00:00 AM

Hello Friends, I'm back from Blogger Bash NY and I had such an amazing time. This was my first year attending this conference and I met so many amazing bloggers and brands. I can't wait to share with you guys my review. Until then, I wanted to share with you guys a couple of pictures from the actual events within Blogger Bash.

Have you attended Blogger Bash before?


The Blue Man Group Show 

Sweet Suite 

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  1. That looks awesome! I so want to go to a bloggers conference. Maybe I need to try to get to this one next year. Looking forward to reading your review!

  2. The event looks great. I am sure you had a great time. You look gorgeous in pictures.

  3. Looks like such a wonderful fun time!! Shell

  4. Looks like a fun event. Lovely pictures 😊


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