How To: Avoid Mommy Burnout During the Holidays

by - 12/01/2016 09:32:00 PM

It’s officially a week since Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. For many of us that means:
  • Decorating our home
  • Sending out holiday cards
  • Attending holiday parties
  • Purchasing gifts for everyone and their mama
  • Figuring out Christmas dinner menu

Trust me, I know I get it. Typically, I host Thanksgiving dinner and shortly thereafter we head to the outlets to catch those good'ole Black Friday deals. I did not host Thanksgiving at our home this year. I am still responsible for Christmas dinner and volunteering my time to the less fortunate which is why I typically have a mini-vacation planned around this time of year. However, I refuse not to enjoy the holiday season. I mean, I really love Christmas and I want to enjoy every minute leading up to it. 
Below I’m sharing how to avoid Mommy Holiday burnout to make sure this holiday season is the best year yet.

Holiday Plans

Sit down and figure out what you’re doing this year. Who’s hosting Christmas Dinner? Are you sending cards? Do you have annual events that you would like to attend?

Me Time

As prior stated, for the last couple of years. I've typically taken a vacation prior to Christmas. It honestly wasn't planned. But I learned that it was really nice to just enjoy the moment in another state. I realized that the stress that the holidays can sometimes bring wasn't there. I know this is not possible for everyone. However, take some me time. That may mean a spa date or even a staycation. Treat yourself to some me time, and do what you love.

Eat Breakfast

My favorite cereal is Post Honey Bunches of Oats. I love this stuff. Have you ever heard the saying that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It is! Don’t skimp on it. Make sure that every morning that you have a complete breakfast with a bowl of cereal.

Menu Plan

Around this time of year menu planning and my crock pot is my bestie.

If you can freezer cook that's even better. With so many parties and shopping to do. Cooking on the stove becomes a task. Compile a list of your favorite recipes. Figure out what you need from the store until you go back to the store for your Christmas dinner essentials and menu plan weekly or the entire month if possible.

The List

Create a list of everyone you're purchasing gifts for. Also, include next to their name gift ideas. It sucks to go to the store trying to figure out what to purchase for someone. Use your time wisely and create your list now.

Delegate Task

With children being so tech savvy. Include them in festivities. Delegate age appropriate task. That could include picking up an extra chore and/or assisting you with cooking. If you’re a blogger. Have them help with your blogger tasks (if you don’t have a virtual assistant).

Pack Snacks

I love to munch on post cereal while on the go. I typically make individual bags to snack on throughout the day. The snack size bags are also great for adding having a portion for in the morning when it's time to eat breakfast.

Mommy burnout is real. Use these tips to simplify this holiday season and avoid mommy burnout.

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  1. I love how you give the kids tasks to help you with blogging. It helps them to see first hand what work really entails, and I'm sure it makes them feel more personally "invested" in the family. Great job Mom!

  2. I think its definitely important to make out some "me time".
    After all the hard work all round the year, the holidays is a great time to loosen up and calm down a lot!

  3. Yes, I really need to start making more lists. It would help a lot.

    I love Honey Bunches of Oats! My favorite is the strawberry one.

  4. Burnout is problem for everyone. Great ideas on preventing it. Funny how having a plan and bringing snacks helps with so many areas of life.

  5. Love your ideas! Especially to delegate duties, to plan, and to take some "me time!" You look so happy in your photo!

  6. Honey Bunches of Oats is my absolute favorite cereal. Hands down. I've got three boxes in my pantry!

  7. Delegation is key for sure! It is good to know your limits of what you can and can't do! One of our favorite things we do is go on vacation the week between Christmas and New Years. Helps keep perspective and gives us all a time for some goal setting for the coming year!

  8. Learning to delegate and me time is very important this festive season to avoid burnout

  9. I think that 'ME Time' is very important as we need sometime in our life to relax and just loosen up!

  10. Totally agree! I have always made the mistake of not giving myself some me time and always was worse at eating my breakfast, thank god I have changed that now.
    xx, Kusum |

  11. You sound super way you'll be having burn out! I'm not a mommy but I'll def be taking heed to this to avoid burn out.

  12. I think I need to start eating breakfast. I wait too long.

  13. Great advice!!! I'm all about planning everything!!!! I would be lost without my planner and lists!!!

  14. This budgetary arranging is fundamental in light of the fact that occasions can cost you a lot of cash. Individuals have a tendency to spend unreservedly on the off chance that they have not made a total spending plan for the occasion.


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