All Black Winter Fashion Essentials

by - 11/30/2016 05:25:00 PM

My love for all black has always been around. I remember attending cosmetology school and our attire was all black. Which was a major plus for me, it's something about wearing all black makes a statement. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Plus it super sexy. Sharing my favs below.

What's your favorite all black winter essential?

All Black Winter Fashion Essentials

Rumour London ribbed turtleneck
$245 -

Sweater pullover

Faux leather skirt

Topshop high rise skinny jeans
$56 -

Jeffrey Campbell thigh boots

Floral ring

Silver Spoon Attire beanie cap hat
$145 -

Surell hat

Calvin Klein Collection glove
$195 -

Black beanie cap
$185 -

Cashmere scarve

Woven shawl

Black leopard glove
$56 -

Alexander McQueen heart glasses
$605 -

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  1. These are all really great, I love the black turtleneck because I just got one and I love it. I can wear it with so many accessories and either casual or dressed up.

  2. I will say the whole leotard trend is one I have not jumped on board with. Perhaps it reminds me of ballet, which I of course always loved. I always love a good black dress .. or 5.

  3. I own black in everything except my winter wardrobe! I've never thought about it until today. Looks like it is time to go shopping!

  4. These are all lovely. I really like the scarf. I also like those hats! Everything looks comfy.

  5. Black is my favorite right about now. (I have all those extra brownies/cookies between Thanksgiving and Christmas to thank!). Black is definitely making me feel a little more confident and then I'll add in a pop of color with accessories or a scarf!

  6. I must have black jeans and booties for the winter.

  7. I love an all black outfit!! It's always looks so classic and chic!!

  8. Black is essential in my wardrobe. This reminds me that I need a new pair of gloves.

  9. Wow.. these all are lovely! I really like that scarf and booties.

  10. I love black color so much when it comes to my fashion essentials as they match well with any other color so easily. The skinny jeans, Floral Ring, heart shaped earrings and that Cashmere scarve are my favorites!

  11. My favorite on your list is the Faux leather skirt and the beanie hat.

  12. The entire black winter outfit looks classy. My favorite is Faux leather skirt!

  13. "That dress is so cute! Sometimes long sleeve dresses feel too sweet but I love this one with the edgy black lace.

  14. All of these dresses are absolutely stunning! I love the one inspired by Aubrey Plaza’s dress. I think that watching the Emmy’s and other award shows is actually a great way to get inspired when it comes time to look for a wedding dress. This is especially the case if you’re having trouble figuring out what your style is. Thank you for sharing!UpdateLand


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