My Mommy Style Monday: Blanket Scarf Life

by - 11/14/2016 11:11:00 PM

Hello! Welcome to another "My Mommy Style Monday" sharing my on the go look that I absolutely love. This fall I am here for Blanket scarfs, floppy hats and knee boots (not that order) I love how my hat indirectly matches perfect with my Blanket scarf (that I've been wearing pretty much every day.) Also, sorry for the lack of pictures with this look. I typically try to capture at least for good poses. My photographers were busy (aka The Mister and my Mini King). 

Breakdown Attire

Sunglasses: Zara Hat: Target Sweater: American Eagle Blanket Scarf: Unlikely Market Knee Boots: Target Jeans: Gap Bag: LV Speedy 

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