8 Things On My Winter To-Do List

by - 12/21/2016 09:13:00 AM

Today is the first day of winter?! Where did time go? Just like I did for this past fall. I'm sharing my plans for this winter.


I am a crafty person by nature. I am the middle child and growing up with two televisions with cable in them. One being the one in my parent's room and the other being in the den.

it was my time to watch what I want. I would turn the TV onto Martha, the Food Network, and HGTV (I think it was around back in the day) I really enjoy creating. I mean creating anything that's why I started this blog. Looking forward to just creating more and actually making all of the items I “Pin”.

Let it snow

I really would like to enjoy the snow and just play in it. I've never been skiing before. Not sure if I'll like it but it sounds pretty cool. The snow is so beautiful when it falls. SinceI have to drive in it. It becomes a daunting task. However, I really would like to just enjoy it.

Hot Tub

My sister and brother-in-law purchased a home this year and they finally got their hot tub working. I was on them for the first couple of weeks while it was still warm outside. Now that it's pretty much snow on the ground they have it working and my sister said that it's a really nice experience. Seeing how I just got over a cold. Not looking forward to jumping in a hot tub in freezing temps and jumping out onto the cold. I want to try it though, that's why I'm listing it here.

The Big Tree

I've never been to Rockefeller center during the holidays and would love to get a picture of the big tree. I actually try to avoid New York during the cold winter months because I really do not like being cold. (just being honest) I will say that I went last year for my birthday and you have so much fun that you forget about the cold. It was actually the last thing on my mind.


I really would like to finish a book in a day or a week. You know, the good ole days when your knee deep in a book and don't finish it until you're done. I miss those days. This year I've been so horrible with reading. I would like to get back in the swing of reading a lot more frequently.


Winter is meant for baking. I just want to spend a day baking. New treats, old treats and possibly deliver them to friends/family. There's something so nice about receiving those little surprises. Plus, trying new treats.


In the midst of everything. The Mister and I really need some “us time”. I have this place in mind that I can't wait to bring him too. I actually have two places in mind. Heck, I'll take anything at this point. I would love to spend the day having fun and enjoying the atmosphere.


I've never been to a professional basketball game before. I would like to just go on a whim. We live in Connecticut, so we have a couple of different arena's we could visit. I don't have a team in mind. Even though the Mister and my Mini King have their favorite teams. It would be nice to just go on a whim.

What's on your Winter To-Do List?

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  1. I created a Winter Bucket List and a couple of things here are on it. I can't wait to start checking things off my list! Happy Winter! :)

  2. Brilliant list of winter fun, I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures doing each of these. Happy Holidays! x


  3. I will have to think about this. Winter to me means snow and cold. I wouldn't mind the snowman, sledding, snowmobiling and skating. We barely get snow here but try to take advantage of snowman building atleast. Ice skating is also an option at several locations. No hills for sledding and I dont own a snowmobile. I guess I will substitute the time with baking!

  4. Great items on your to-do list! I'm a huge basketball fan (the Cleveland Cavaliers specifically), and hoping to get tix for when they come to Phoenix! Enjoy all that you can do!

  5. Great list! On my winter list would be going to a cabin, go to a basketball game, relaxing more often, starting to workout daily.

    Isaly Holland

  6. Winter is one of my favorite season of the year and I do have some to-do list on the cards. Your plans are good and few are almost similar to mine, the Craft idea, Reading & Baking are already on the cards.

  7. Sitting in the hot tub during Winter is incredible. You can stare at the sky and stay warm.

  8. Great winter list full of fun. I'm in Florida and I too have a list

  9. Great list! I went to Rockefeller Center this Christmas and crowd was crazy. I was literally crushed but entire experience was amazing!

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