Beer Cake (The Mister's Surprise Birthday) Part 1

by - 9/10/2014 06:47:00 AM

So I never had the opportunity to share the Mister’s surprise birthday/graduation party. I never realized the lack of party décor ideas there are for men. Yeah, they have themed ideas for major milestones. However, it was really hard for me to find inspiration. 

So of course I just went on a whim… 

(The cake was later placed in the center of the table. However, it was too hot outside during the time I took pictures. )

I remember seeing a beer cake idea floating around the internet.  However, I could not remember the measurements and directions.

 I remember being parked outside of the store watching a YouTube video making sure I had the right amounts for everything.

I opted to just use the beer cakes as a visual. AKA, they cannot be moved. 

All of the little décor around the table was purchased at Michael’s as well on clearance. I purchased the little bottles of liquor at my local liquor store and added the graduation ribbon around them. 

The beer cake topper and base tray was purchase at the Dollar Tree. The ribbon that went around the cake was purchased at Michael’s on clearance.

The signature picture frame was also purchased in the clearance department. I believe it was under $20.00 and it was a huge hit at the party. 

Executing this party was defiantly an experience I will never forget. It’s amazing how things come together at the last minute. 

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